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13 Facts About Myself

Apr 5, 2018 by Icarus_Mark
Alright, I'll play along, why not.

1. I may live in America, but I was born in Germany as my parents were stationed there when I was born.

2. I was not allowed to compete in sports because of my ribs were formed.

3. Back in the 8th grade, I won a Geography Bee for my middle school.  Although I did not get selected to represent my county, I did well in the next stage, which was the test that determined if I would be selected by the county to compete at a higher stage of the Geography Bee.

4. I have performed in 2 plays after I graduated high school.

5. I watched Mean Girls back in 2011.  Although I did not hate it, I did not see the appeal many people over it, so it was simply overrated to me.

6. I watched the Alien movies as a little kid and didn't get nightmares from them.

7. On the Espresso Bikes where your workout is selected by the environment you chose, I once completed one lap of Ascension, an extremely difficult 18+-mile bike workout that took me an hour 23 minutes to finish.

8. In 2015, I won an eating challenge, completing it in 9 minutes 18 seconds out of the challenge's allotted 30 minutes.  Although this was not the all-time record, it was the record out of all the challenge finishers who competed at that particular store.

9. When I was in Boy Scouts, I did actually advance out of my pack in the Pinewood Derby alongside 2 other people.  Of course, the next meet took 7 hours before my Boy Scout pack was even represented.

10. I've once been stuck in the middle of a blizzard back in 2011.

11. My favorite color is yellow, and it's always stuck as such.  It's never changed.

12. Back in middle school, my chorus actually had a field trip in which we were to perform at a major airport.

13. Because of my weighted GPA, I was almost an Honors Grad at my high school and it was actually 4.07 after the end of my senior year on my final report card.  However, since graduation froze GPA at the end of the first 2 9 weeks, I didn't get in because it was only a 3.94 at the time.


Interesting facts.
Idk why everyone is taking my idea tho
Sent by Burgerman2929292,Apr 5, 2018
the drama over the GPA omg
Sent by Katherinee_,Apr 5, 2018

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