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  1. Wait a minute
  2. I seriously need a new phone
  3. I'm so Glad I'm the Same Weight
  4. Um, who are you?
  5. After listening to End Game
  6. Also, let's be honest here
  7. If people seriously think
  8. In other news
  9. Okay, do I need to play
  10. Um, EXCUSE ME!?
  11. You know you need a break from listening to bad..
  12. This is
  13. Stars Support
  14. I just had to perform a rescue for the first time
  15. When the person I sponsor
  16. Thanks to my betters <3
  17. LMAO What just happened?
  18. The Shit I've Learned in 2017
  19. When Ed Sheeran has a violin tribute
  20. This idiot
  21. Let's be fair
  22. LMAO
  23. How is that pedophile still trying to talk
  24. Wait a minute
  25. Skyler and BengalBoy playing chess
  26. Why is
  27. I had my Christmas present today
  28. I think it's time
  29. Tis the time of giving
  30. Merry Christmas Tengaged!
  31. You shouldn't be talking
  32. No title
  33. I don't know about the rest of Tengaged
  34. Glad I didn't watch this season
  35. I can't believe I've done this
  36. You have to think
  38. Okay, I am tired of the misinformation
  39. Possible Top 10 List
  40. Pretty dumb response

Just sent in my voice

Dec 13, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
supporting net neutrality.  Thanks TheEclipse for the website  :)  I texted them from my phone as my signal sucks where I'm at, but for anyone else who wants to lend a hand, here's the website he provided:


i did too heheheh
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 13, 2017
Sent by TheEclipse,Dec 13, 2017

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