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Let's be fair

Dec 13, 2017 by Icarus_Mark

If all you say upon entering and starting a Frookies is basically that you haven't played in a while, people are going to assume a normal game

While I agree there are some people on this list no one should trust, don't get salty when other people join if you didn't officially claim a charity.



Piece of shit
Sent by wizardprism1994,Dec 13, 2017
wizardprism1994  I'm just stating truth.  Anyone can go and look back at that game and discern what happened.  By the looks of it, you brought your demise upon yourself.  Besides, plenty of people leave right after getting HOH.  Like I said, don't get salty over it.  Or better yet, do so that you can prove to us all that I'm the bigger person.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 13, 2017
I'm leaving because I'm getting ready to kill myself I broke up with my gf I destroyed all my friendships so now I'm ready to die
Sent by wizardprism1994,Dec 13, 2017
Look, don't kill yourself.  I'm sorry to hear of whatever it was you've done in real life, but there will be better down the road.

But you have to understand that that's not an excuse to go off on everyone just because you didn't have things go your way.  What I stated stands because it was meant to be used as future reference and you are going entirely the wrong way about it.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 13, 2017
Nope I'm done with life if I could go back and kill myself before I was born I would
Sent by wizardprism1994,Dec 13, 2017

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