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One Killer Thoughts + Personal Happenings

Dec 3, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
Aoki - Chasty Ballesteroso - (Season 2)
TDBigBrotherLover112 - Elizabeth Caldwell (Season 1 & 2)
Icarus_Mark - Serena Creed (Season 2)
Aoki - Viola Washington (Season 1 & 2)
Carlyjordan14 - Laura Lopez
DJ2722 - Alexa Winters
PoohSnap - Brandon Marquez
MrBird - Ray Sinclair
Paul028 - Paul McGee
Katherinee_ - Vanessa Crystal
MrPokeGuy9 - Cameron Murray
Tkoj555 - Marina Willis
Coolkat - Riayn Brooks
QueenMichelle - Jasmine Ganiev
Melindamrskk - Jessica Megan
Melindamrskk - Neeta Saur
Melindamrskk - Kayla Westbrook

Episode 1:

Thoughts on the first episode?  It was a nice introduction to the new characters, and considering I didn’t know anything about these characters coming into the story at all, well… yeah.  I wasn’t really big on Chasty coming back considering she Michael Bay’ed out of last season, right?

Thought's on Kayla faking a attack?  I was kinda mixed about it.  I mean, I know she felt like she was being attacked, but then wham, bam, thank you ma’am, she wasn’t and then Vanessa basically commits breaking and entering because reasons.  I did think Kayla was kinda taking it a bit far though and I actually do like Vanessa.

Thought's on what Laura might find when she follows Cameron?  First of all, I pass by Westport on the train all the time when I go to work, so what a coincidence!  :O  I did, however, pay attention to when Vanessa says, “Hey Laura...that top really?” because were I in the story, I would have easily told her, “Well Vanessa, it could be worse.  Laura COULD be Nick Gautier from the Chronicles of Nick and wear fugly Hawaiian shirts all the time.  Be glad that’s not the case.”

As to what she might find when following Cameron, maybe a dead Kayla.

Thought's on all of Kayla's horrible texts?  Glad to know Fleetwood Hills always has job openings for killers!  :D  But all jokes aside, I was already spoiled about Kayla before I even logged on here, to which I say “Karma’s a bitch, ho!”

Thought's on Serena and Viola's return?  I’m glad to see them back, but wait… HOW OLD WERE THESE GIRLS BACK IN SEASON 2!?  O_O  If it’s 3 years since the events of Season 2 and they’re just now going into upper school, then Season 2’s cast must have been younger than I’d anticipated.  lol  And wasn’t Viola Pink Heels back in Season 2?  It would be rather difficult to gloss over that and return her to a normal life after that.  But all the same, I’m super glad to see them back in the game.  In fact, Serena’s return in particular brought me back out of my shell sooner than I’d intended.

Thought's on Chasty's surprise return?  Errr… Didn’t she get Michael Bay’ed back in the Season 2 finale?  Not sure how anyone survives that, but hey, who knows?  Maybe she’s secretly from the Sin City movies!  :D  That’s about all I got for Chasty considering I haven’t seen her around since 2016.

What's in-store for Season 3?  We all know it’s death!  That’s what One Killer is, as well as probably having more than “one” killer!

Episode 2:

Thought's on this episode?  The plot thickens!  It also sounds like the episode when first victim Jake was killed off last season.  Everything is normal, and then bam!  First death of the season!

Thought's on Chasty's Behaviour towards Serena?  Okay, I might be biased here, but Chasty is really being off-base in her behavior!  It’s not Serena’s fault Chasty let her think she was going to die!  That kind of pisses me off and honestly, if anyone’s the bitch of the two, it’s Chasty.  Now watch Chasty read this and go off on me for not knowing what I’m talking about.

Thought's on Elizabeth's return? Was wondering when she’d make an appearance!  She’s been in every episode Seasons 1 and 2, but it’s always good to see her back one more round.

Thought's On Brandon's and Vanessa's Scene?  Only 2 episodes on and already I think he is a man-whore.  This guy gets around apparently.  Hope Vanessa exposes him to Alexa!  However, I remember (I know he’s Season 1, but I forget his name) this one guy got around back in Season 1 and got arrested in the episode for Tallulah’s crimes before that season’s finale.  Oh, and then there was this Beck guy who was dating Elizabeth but then there was Kyle who wanted his D.  So yeah, Brandon’s this season’s version of the person who they once were.

Thought's On Kayla's Death? It actually kind of reminds me of when Negan killed Spencer in “The Walking Dead” since in both scenarios their guts spill out of their bodies.  Pretty cruel way to go if you ask me.  Nonetheless, I was actually spoiled this death because I’d chanced by this being talked about while I was still logged off.

What's going to happen to Laura? I would say I would be shocked if she were still alive at all, but given the nature of One Killer, I could see it be some kind of event like what Tori/Anna went through back in Season 1.

Who's the Killer?  No clue whatsoever.


Okay, so some people have already known about this from the start, but last month, I took part in an event called “National Novel Writing Month”, also known as NaNoWriMo!  The goal was to write a novel with no less than 50,000 words.  If you made the 50k threshold, you win NaNo for that November.  Also, they do Camp NaNoWriMo every April and July, so that might be a good July project if I choose to try it.  I did not yet finish writing the novel, but I did get the win this time around!  In fact, my total word count for my novel from last month broke 93k words!  Mel was actually sent the link to the opening excerpt from my novel and there is a chart I entered myself in alongside around 280 other people partaking in the event, so yeah, this legit happened.  I feel like once my first draft is finished, I might be looking at a word count of over 100,000.

I know there’s people who want to read what I’ve written, so the plan is once I’m done with my first draft, I’ll paste the text onto somewhere and whoever wants to read I will mail the link to.  However, just because I’m willing to let people take a look at what I’ve written doesn’t mean it’ll be all unicorns and rainbows.  Be careful that if you DO want to read the rest of the novel, it can get uncomfortably dark (in fact, I have written a Disclaimer to precede the novel in my draft document so that my readers don’t get the wrong impression about me when reading).

So with all said, the plan was to come back after classes finished for the semester so that I finally had some time off for myself, and I still won’t be on a whole lot this week because of the aforementioned class.  Once I’m done, then I’m back for real.  Until then, this will likely still be all you see of me, but if you so choose, then by all means do feel free to leave questions.  I hope you all have a great day and hope you’ve all been doing well!



A great assessment as always, glad to have to back! Icarus_Mark!! & I'm glad everything is going well for you I read the first part of the novel and it's really good. I'm soooo happy for you!
Sent by melindaMrskk,Dec 4, 2017

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