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Obsession at it's absolute finest

Nov 1, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
NotNicky333 Evicted Kara to cancel out Icarus_Mark's vote.

I like both nominees in ChubbyHuggs and k4r4k, and I have no qualms with the other 2 still in the game with SmoothStalker12 and DavidM7, so I wish all of the Final 4 good luck in the game and I wish NoChildSupport the best of luck in his hosting of the Gift Giveaway game.  But unless you actually genuinely like Chubby more than Kara (in which case, by all means, keep Chubby), then it's just sad when your vote to evict someone is entirely based off of who another person voted.


This is kind of a crybaby blog for no reason
Maybe grow a pair
Sent by Kelly0412,Nov 1, 2017
I have a pair tyvm Kelly0412  Unfortunately, I can't say the same for you
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Nov 1, 2017
Sent by Kelly0412,Nov 1, 2017
That’s what I thought.

Can dish it but can’t take it no shock :) keep crying
Sent by Kelly0412,Nov 1, 2017
Kelly0412 You're pathetic
Sent by Birew34,Nov 1, 2017
thank you for your save :))
Sent by k4r4k,Nov 1, 2017

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