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Guys, designs are not the only thing that were taken away recently

Oct 23, 2017 by Icarus_Mark
In randomize's most recent updates, we can't append images anymore on here either!  I noticed this last night when I tried to post one in Castings and it wouldn't come up.  So if there are images you want to post, then you're shit out of luck.

I personally can see why this happened after seeing all the porn images and what not, but we still have to deal with gross out gifs.  Also, when we edit our profile and save, it won't take us back to our profile anymore, but instead it will keep us on our editing page.



I was taken back to my profile after editing my avatar earlier. 馃
Sent by Yoshitomi,Oct 23, 2017
Yoshitomi  Maybe that hasn't changed, but I know for a fact it won't take me back to my profile when I edit my profile information.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Oct 23, 2017

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