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back for some good old fashioned

Mar 25, 2021 by ILoveLarry
blogs page advice.

I have to make a short film for a class on any subject that could be considered "dark comedy". So, it should make some sort of comment about an issue in the world, but do so in a humorous way.

The catch is that it has to be a silent film and only 1-2 minutes long!

hit me with those brilliant ideas, aspiring filmmakers of!


How "dark" are you looking for here? That's where I'm struggling on ideas
Sent by DBonee,Mar 25, 2021
Maybe like someone dying in a public place and nobody noticing because everyone is on their phone / making Tik Toks / taking photos for Instagram?
Sent by ZEEnon,Mar 25, 2021
Oh ZEEnon thats a cool idea, reminds me of a Black Mirror episode
Sent by DBonee,Mar 25, 2021
Black Mirror is one of my favourite shows DBonee :)!
Sent by ZEEnon,Mar 25, 2021
DBonee ZEEnon I like that idea!! it can be pretty dark but should have a comedic approach overall. I'm struggling with the time limit though because I'm not sure how much I can say in only a minute or two
Sent by ILoveLarry,Mar 25, 2021

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