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Paxton & Fashion

May 18, 2009 by IAmPaxton
imageVirginia: I need a male opinion on a skirt.
Paxton: ha okay
Paxton: hm  Very shiny.  I'm not really a fan.  You like it?
Virginia: Yeah but I've been trying to find the perfect patent leather mini for years and I still haven't found my ideal
Paxton: Well that one looks like a leather garbage bag.
Virginia: lol
Paxton: Why is it on sale?
Virginia: It's out of season  They have to get rid of overstock from last year
Paxton: Wouldn't it just be easier to burn it?
Virginia: lol  I'm totally not buying this skirt then
Paxton: Good because you don't need to be rocking hobo wear.


So tru
So tru
Sent by Conceite,May 18, 2009
<3 trashbags
Sent by Elliott,May 18, 2009
But Paxton, garbage bags are IN.
Sent by Buddyalc,May 18, 2009
oh your so nice lol
Sent by tyleror,May 18, 2009

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