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H Nov 22, 2020
I wasn't expecting this gift at all, TYSM!!! arris for the delivery
Those endless hours we spent on that pole might have been worth it after all :)

and special thanks to maturo and ricardogv , we've never met, so choosing me to get a gift was very kind of you!
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O Oct 25, 2020
Because of a stupid human verification test. Screw your fire hydrants and traffic lights.
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N Oct 8, 2020
Thank you everyone for plussing my design!
Everyone was so nice and supportive, I couldn't even believe it. I have a lot more left in store, so much more spam is coming down the road ;)
Make sure to spam me back as much as you can, and have a nice day <3
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G Oct 2, 2020
Best color, best book, best movie.
Fight me.
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