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speaking my truth Feb 16, 2021
imageafter 2 months of silence. This is a very tough moment for me.

fromawindow backstabbed me in a game of fast stars 60 days ago and I'm still disturbed and unsettled by that betrayal.

I will never trust you in a game and will make that known to others. I would’ve had your back. As of right now, you’re guaranteed 4/5th place. Good luck with that Judas.

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red nose GONE Feb 6, 2021
Now how do I file a report against the algorithm for defamation of character?
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O Jan 23, 2021
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N Dec 18, 2020
By apollianire
Ye :(
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G Nov 28, 2020
a twinky teen asian... 7 times, he's tried to kidnap me this week.
What a specific request as well...
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njkdsandask Nov 24, 2020
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