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(PYN) for an opinion

4thFeb 23, 2021 by Hisoka
It鈥檚 been so long since I left, let鈥檚 give you an updated opinion

#Christossss - Solid guy, known you since 2016 still think you have a cute accent

#benp428 - racist, not funny whatsoever, shocked you are still not banned

#emzthorne - we went at it a few times but you were always on lowercase 馃槀 you鈥檙e so respectful and sweet, I like you

#bengalboy - Super funny, super laidback and super a respectful lad. I love your personality, you suck at fortnite

#eilish - you remind me of my relationship with Trisha Paytas, sometimes you鈥檙e annoying af and I can鈥檛 stand you and other times you are so funny and iconic and I support 馃搱馃搲馃搱馃搲

#lemjam6 - you have bad bitch energy and I鈥檓 here for it, you have been loyal to me more times than I can count and
My opinion of you can鈥檛 be altered by anyone, ily king #loyal

#princessapeach - you鈥檙e like an annoying little brother who never shuts up, I really do vibe with you though, you鈥檙e really messy and have no filter but hey that makes you more fun and interesting

#brandonpinzu - I really have the utmost respect for you, you鈥檙e so professional and adequate and I think tengaged needs that. I know we had our issues with survivor back in like 2016 LMAO but oh my god you鈥檙e like my favorite
Person now, bless your kind soul

#smuguy2012 - you are probably one of my favorite people on this website, you have been nothing but kind and gentle to me and even when you have your psychotic episodes you tend to be soft on me, I love you and no one can change my opinion of you either

#constancemarie - I don鈥檛 remember why you and I had beef back then 馃拃 but I do remember you were so genuine and empathetic to me in 2017, I think you鈥檙e an awesome person!

#gagaluv - you were my first favorite person on this website years ago and I had the most envy towards you, I still think you鈥檙e a wonderful outspoken woman 馃挄 I still can鈥檛 get over how you tried to ban me if I didn鈥檛 vlog

deshonbannedisback - classy, bad bitch energy, iconique. Nothing more to say but respect for you king 

mikec51 - There was definitely a time you and I were kinda close and it was because of survivor, you鈥檝e always treated me kind and never followed the hate train in 2017, ily King

kingb24 - you鈥檙e loyal to your friends and I like that about you but sometimes you do to much and it looks more like you don鈥檛 have a brain for yourself, however ultimately you鈥檙e pretty chill

notnicky333 - I don鈥檛 know how you matured so quick, you went from one of the most annoying ween sheep鈥檚 posting vlogs being weird and stuff to like this deep voice, super laid back drama free person, I really think you鈥檙e awesome and team #loyal af

crayadian - you鈥檙e weird

maxi1234 - you鈥檙e bae 馃挄 the best twink I know ;)

brittbritt - you鈥檙e a sweet girl and I know you鈥檙e pretty hilarious, keep being awesome

willie_ - you鈥檙e so handsome and so funny, dreamy if anything 馃槣 I think you鈥檙e a dad and I love that you鈥檙e a supportive king

arris - I think you鈥檙e a pretty level headed individual and I know you have a cool personality, I keep thinking you and gabby notafraid are related for some reason...

hints - I didn鈥檛 expect for you to comment, I don鈥檛 know where we stand but I think you鈥檙e a super genuine and caring person, you stand for what鈥檚 right and you go hard for your friends, it鈥檚 an admirable trait to have. I also think you鈥檙e pretty hilarious and have a strong personality! Stay awesome :)

gentlemang - you and I have had some really good conversations, I even text you when I get drunk and out partyin it鈥檚 so weird 馃槀馃槀 you鈥檙e pretty relatable and cool to talk to, I don鈥檛 know what drama you been getting yourself into recently but no one but you can make me change my
Opinion of you, a loyal king

rowjone - I鈥檓 sorry I have no idea who you are

staceyxo - my favorite Spaniard 馃挄 you鈥檙e pretty chill and have been a super great and loyal friend ily

sawchuk55 - jadine you have always been drama free and full of motherly love, I have always had the best impressions of you 馃槱馃挄

j2999 - you鈥檙e just as good as me in challenges if not slightly better, you鈥檙e kinda a gamebot 馃拃 although winning is your goal, you barely never get into low blow drama, and if you do, you handle it well. I don鈥檛 remember why I didn鈥檛 like you when you were a noob but something about you rubbed me off the wrong way, you grew on me and now you鈥檙e king status 馃挄

joshlyn34 - you鈥檙e probably one of the most emotional loyal friend I have 馃槀馃槀 you would do something and then get emotional about it like?? I think you鈥檙e pretty cool and I think you stopped letting people get to you

cheritaisdelicious - you are surprisingly super outspoken yet super nice?! Like you鈥檙e not annoying at all to me atleast, idk why you get hated on? But anyways, you are really funny and you have a bubbly personality, truly you are sweet and you do fight and stand hard for your friends #queenAFps. Thx for the gift I love it

washed_ravioli - you have the same effect on me that #j2999 had on me when he was a noob. I thought you were extremely sheepish and didn鈥檛 think for yourself and you were really irritating, once we got past our differences I started to like you and have some respect for you, I think you were intimidated by me but you shouldn鈥檛 be!! I鈥檓 nice. Ultimately though I do think you鈥檙e a cool person

semajdude - I don鈥檛 know how you and I started talking? I don鈥檛 remember at all, but what I do know is how extremely fast I was enjoying your personality, you were so sweet and supportive of me and you were pretty fun to talk to, it was like we knew each other for years!!

nmh95 - You kinda remind me of me, it鈥檚 hard to explain but I think you鈥檙e absolutely great at group games and you have pretty much a laid back personality, I also think you鈥檙e pretty witty and sarcastic in a funny way馃槀 #gymbro

letal - Pete I鈥檝e know you since 2017 and you have not changed one bit, you are still one of the most sympathetic, kind hearted and sweetest person I know, loyalty runs in your blood and you hate disappointing your friends, good quality to have but remember don鈥檛 let anyone take advantage of your kindness

top20fan33 - you and I have had a 馃搲馃搱馃搲馃搱 type of relationship, you believed me to have a god complex and honestly I can鈥檛 blame you, I think you are pretty adamant about what you believe in and you definitely don鈥檛 back down easily, and correction you鈥檙e the best twink on this website 馃槀

jacksonjoseph99 - I have never had an unpleasant moment with you, I think you are such a supportive person to your friends and you have an easy going personality, I can see you are also charming and charismatic so great qualities to have a also great person to be around. Nothing but love king

flamingjojo - I鈥檓 sorry I don鈥檛 really know who you are and I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever seen you around either馃拃 I like the name jojo though

admir - doctor doctor! I need a doctor! I miss you and I miss carrying you in survivor, I think you have a fun personality and you rarely ever get involved in drama, you鈥檙e such a know it all!! And you suck at comps #DADMIR

isandeh - I don鈥檛 remember why but I know you don鈥檛 like me LMAO

pinkiepie512 - you give off little sister vibes, it鈥檚 like you are so sweet and innocent and I remember giving you advice when the website tried to cancel you 馃槀 stay strong and motivated you鈥檙e a boujee gal


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