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Tayvie music show: episode 6 results

Nov 21, 2020 by HighNoon
sorry for the delay i wanted to kms xd

Linda Perhacs - Hey Who Really Cares
Ribbons I think out of everyone I like Ms. Linda the most, very relaxing and soothing for us schizo girls ur team #1

Digimon Frontier Evolution
konohavillage1 weeb shit I liked it team #2

Nicole Westbrook Smile
thegoodman less iconic than ms. thanksgiving, but a better song somehow? team #3

Randomize Dictador Tar Intro
splozojames50, I remember the day u were like IM MAKING A TAR INTRO on skype those many moons ago still iconic team #4

Migloko - Rozes
rollingderp *nods* yeah! team #5

Blanck Mass - Silent Treatment
mathboy9 this one dragged on for me I didn't like it :( team #6

The Veronicas- In My Blood
bigdizzleyomama BITCH U HAD THE VERONICAS AND DIDN'T PICK 4EVER OR HOOK ME UP? this song also sucked damn the veronicas u fell. team #7

Rainbow Road
mastropola you flopped when u didn't pick baby park ur the last team to arrive and u eliminated.


I can’t believe I survived this shit
Sent by konohavillage1,Nov 21, 2020

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