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  1. i've been to new york like a hundred times
  2. i can't believe there is another predator in the..
  3. boo! Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame
  4. my opinions probably aint changing
  5. Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame [$10 prize]
  6. Since you deleted my comment
  7. Apply so I don't kill myself
  8. No title
  9. Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame [$10 prize]
  10. Discord survivor fatal frame 10 dollars
  11. Discord survivor fatal frame
  12. Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame [$10 prize]
  13. did you fuck my mom santa claus
  14. Discord survivor fatal frame
  15. Discord survivor fatal frame
  16. Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame [$10 prize]
  17. picture faking CUNT
  18. Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame [$10 prize]
  19. Discord Survivor: Fatal Frame [$10 prize]
  21. u are a fool
  22. now i wanna rank neopian worlds
  23. TDR27: who wins?
  24. when good poops go bad
  25. Happy Bday Bitch
  26. it ain't hacking
  27. but i mean tea
  28. luigi men
  29. my pussy is so dirty
  30. what women are here
  31. i wanna go to the price is right
  32. what's the best tv song opening
  33. if ur not careful
  34. the worst board game is
  35. i miss degrassi
  36. i want to play sorry
  37. you're all whores
  38. who cares
  39. i think this is a picture
  40. You're still a victim blaming


Jul 4, 2019 by HighNoon
imageI have to break some sad, tragic news tonight but I have just received a text message on my cellular phone from Edinalda, MichelleObama 's mother, earlier this evening while waiting outside the school building, Thomas michelleobama was shot dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Last night on call Thomas confided in me that he felt like he was going to die the next day... Thomas was always a special girl like that, she was always having premonitions and talking about the future and drawing weird sketches. Here is one of Thomas's drawings. 16 confirmed tears for the 16 confirmed fatalities.


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