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  1. me
  2. my name is british clair
  3. but
  4. who cares about those youtube fags
  5. i graduated
  6. wasn't your advice to
  7. Applications will close on 4/26!
  8. thank you for this blessed day
  9. oh get a plane flown into you
  10. oh that was wildboy?
  12. Applications will close on 4/26!
  13. you mean your crack pipe
  14. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  15. apply now
  16. lil ms kizzi
  17. gotta love
  18. admin is disabled
  20. also it's time for AMERICA'S VOTE
  21. ladies
  22. you gonna rank video games?
  23. one of yall
  24. im gonna be stank
  25. ra the circle
  26. imagine being that pressed over the frooks
  28. what are the dead gonna do?
  29. smh
  30. what about carlena
  31. its MY BIRTHDAY
  32. im more this rn
  33. is this guy gay?
  34. ms. aryan nation really
  35. im not suprised
  36. season cancelled
  37. Wow
  38. when u gonna rank chicken?
  39. i have been told
  40. facts are facts

girl u still gonna ban me?

Mar 4, 2019 by HighNoon
i didnt tag tp again? there ARE predators still on this site.
then explain besides PAST the warning what i did wrong kandee_ admin

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