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  1. queen of getting hit by a car
  2. its time for AMERICAS VOTE
  3. i would let u die
  4. No title
  5. SURVIVOR CANCELLED, #letskillourselves
  6. you're fat and annoying
  7. imagine
  8. !
  10. this is BB holocaust
  11. those white ppl were
  13. all u cis retards just watch this video
  14. lol
  15. Love Island 2 Skype Game
  16. Love Island, the Skype Game Season 2 @ 9 EST
  17. have u seen my luigi
  18. Love Island Skype Game
  19. hosting love island skype game
  20. vote for MICHELLE
  21. smh
  22. love island the game really slaps
  23. !
  24. y'all need to GIVE IT UP
  25. youre still a fat lying bitch
  26. And you're a pedophile so
  27. i mean u reap what u sow eric
  28. i was nominated because i believe in allah
  29. arent you a FAGGOT?
  30. why hasn't your super fatal cancer taken you yet
  31. i remember
  32. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  33. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  34. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  35. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  36. sign up with ur multis i dont give a fuck
  37. Apply For Tayvie Drag Race
  38. i mean how many seasons did a black person win
  39. im addicted to...
  40. i'm gonna echo this

its so not suspicious

Mar 1, 2019 by HighNoon
that all those darci blogs are suddenly gone


maybe he's going to try and make another personality
Sent by ConstanceMarie,Mar 1, 2019
Peeps taste disgusting but in all seriousness why do people think I’m this fool?
Sent by Absol,Mar 1, 2019
what darci blogs
Sent by CiTy,Mar 1, 2019
there was like 20 and now it's down to like 8 city
Sent by HighNoon,Mar 1, 2019
Creepy stalker
Sent by Darci,Mar 1, 2019

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