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  1. SURVIVOR CANCELLED, #letskillourselves
  2. you're fat and annoying
  3. imagine
  4. !
  6. this is BB holocaust
  7. those white ppl were
  9. all u cis retards just watch this video
  10. lol
  11. Love Island 2 Skype Game
  12. Love Island, the Skype Game Season 2 @ 9 EST
  13. have u seen my luigi
  14. Love Island Skype Game
  15. hosting love island skype game
  16. vote for MICHELLE
  17. smh
  18. love island the game really slaps
  19. !
  20. y'all need to GIVE IT UP
  21. youre still a fat lying bitch
  22. And you're a pedophile so
  23. i mean u reap what u sow eric
  24. i was nominated because i believe in allah
  25. arent you a FAGGOT?
  26. why hasn't your super fatal cancer taken you yet
  27. i remember
  28. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  29. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  30. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  31. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  32. sign up with ur multis i dont give a fuck
  33. Apply For Tayvie Drag Race
  34. i mean how many seasons did a black person win
  35. im addicted to...
  36. i'm gonna echo this
  37. Willie picked 37
  38. I remember you wanted my
  39. you're all disgusting.
  40. can't wait to slit my wrists

yes no mods!

Dec 13, 2018 by HighNoon
*rips off MichelleObama's top revealing her nip to all of tg*

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