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  1. i'm gonna echo this
  2. Willie picked 37
  3. I remember you wanted my
  4. you're all disgusting.
  5. can't wait to slit my wrists
  6. you learn new things everyday
  7. everything
  8. no one cares
  9. fucking sad lol
  10. im thirsty for some
  11. a lot of cancer fakers should LISTEN
  12. my truth
  13. and tears poured out of her cunt
  14. as if
  15. when imvu doesnt work
  16. omen's asleep
  17. didnt u threaten to dox
  18. idk
  20. Discord Survivor: Twin Towers (10$ prize)
  21. this luigi boy at the wawa
  22. Discord Survivor: Twin Towers (10$ prize)
  23. Discord Survivor: Twin Towers (10$ prize)
  24. Discord Survivor: Twin Towers (10$ prize)
  26. Discord Survivor: Twin Towers (10$ prize)
  27. Discord Survivor: Twin Towers (10$ prize)
  28. oh no i dont have ms. clara janine quinn
  29. learning how to code on the rocks is my favorite..
  30. :(
  31. me
  32. my name is british clair
  33. but
  34. who cares about those youtube fags
  35. i graduated
  36. wasn't your advice to
  37. Applications will close on 4/26!
  38. thank you for this blessed day
  39. oh get a plane flown into you
  40. oh that was wildboy?

i just got terrible news

Nov 28, 2018 by HighNoon
from mahogany's mother joyce, he overdosed at the bakery, rip in peace Clara Janine Quinn


wow i just saw him yesterday at the local bargain bin, so sad to hear this :(
Sent by Kelly0412,Nov 28, 2018
*puts mhogs ashes in her ashtray and sails her out to sea*
Sent by TheGoodMan,Nov 28, 2018
Oh stahp you’d be much sadder!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Nov 29, 2018

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