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  1. i need to know
  2. Dear Sue Ellen,
  3. im indulging the bubbly
  4. wow
  5. me
  6. this is my jeune's syndrome blog
  7. i wanna do a double talk poem
  8. i wish
  9. she didn't DO IT
  10. the call is coming from inside the admin
  11. blam i really started a protest
  12. day 293
  13. poor kandee
  14. girl u still gonna ban me?
  15. i would trust ween with my life
  16. Tayvie drag race- apply now!
  17. #stopthestigma
  18. crime never rests cunt
  19. ms underwearjim
  20. bitch post a picture of yaself
  21. you care a lot about bullying
  22. this is coming from
  23. girl ur so FAT
  24. its so not suspicious
  25. i really like
  26. #stopthestigma
  27. [12/13/2012 9:43:51 PM] AJ Valentine.: wanna see..
  28. yall really pressed about stars
  29. i wanna say this first
  30. bjork rumored
  31. i dont feel so good
  33. u wanna be on TOP?
  34. last good season was bb15
  35. why is anal's
  36. the fact that
  37. i want some of tamar's soup
  38. u wanna be on TOP?
  39. which ever living king
  40. remember when you got beat up by your dad

*shushes khianna as we hide in the attic*

Oct 29, 2018 by HighNoon
konohavillage1 please let us take refuge in the atl, mahogany, litecitrus, and I are very jewish we fear that we may be next. love and light


*shot of chelss jewishly pounding on thegoodman 's mother's door in Ireland in vain*
Sent by mahogany,Oct 29, 2018
room for one more owo i wont make a noise tehe
Sent by Batya,Oct 29, 2018
Screaming at Cody’s inclusion after all the mess
Sent by konohavillage1,Oct 29, 2018

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