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  1. It's always
  2. NO ONE IS AS GOOD as RTV Goddess
  3. Nightly Reminder!
  4. i feel u
  5. it was a daylight robbery
  6. about to start?
  8. what about US having mixed skin
  9. bought red level
  10. i havent eaten in 3 YEARS
  11. i dont want to
  12. yall feeling some type a way over some negs?
  13. you're a homophobic retard
  14. im SKR8-edge
  15. my lungs are FOR REAL retarded
  16. *my concave chest weeps*
  17. rip thomas REDACTED
  18. I just went through all
  19. rip michelleobama
  20. if guns were banned
  21. omg did anyone hear
  22. whoever the
  23. is ahezze still in jail
  24. PYN Random Drag Race 2!
  25. but you aint funny
  26. Random Drag Race Results
  27. 5 spots
  28. PYN- Random Drag Race
  29. yall fake as fuck
  30. omarosa just won
  31. mama z
  32. It's not
  33. Rip my friend
  34. did your fat wife already break off the..
  35. Tayvie Drag Race 22 Episode 2!!!
  37. i love my culture
  38. I'm a cutie patootie apparently
  39. Only pedophiles
  40. Just admit

since this retard cant keep my name

Jan 17, 2018 by HighNoon
out HIS MOUF it's time to clap back.

I'm sorry you're mad still because you're a racist worst kind of """MASC""" gay on this site.

also KILL YOURSELF etienne

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