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  1. bought red level
  2. i havent eaten in 3 YEARS
  3. i dont want to
  4. yall feeling some type a way over some negs?
  5. you're a homophobic retard
  6. im SKR8-edge
  7. my lungs are FOR REAL retarded
  8. *my concave chest weeps*
  9. rip thomas REDACTED
  10. I just went through all
  11. rip michelleobama
  12. if guns were banned
  13. omg did anyone hear
  14. whoever the
  15. is ahezze still in jail
  16. PYN Random Drag Race 2!
  17. but you aint funny
  18. Random Drag Race Results
  19. 5 spots
  20. PYN- Random Drag Race
  21. yall fake as fuck
  22. omarosa just won
  23. mama z
  24. It's not
  25. Rip my friend
  26. did your fat wife already break off the..
  27. Tayvie Drag Race 22 Episode 2!!!
  29. i love my culture
  30. I'm a cutie patootie apparently
  31. Only pedophiles
  32. Just admit
  33. yall sound pressed
  34. i hope your smile
  35. dont worry thomas we'll vote out the fattys
  36. haha gagaluv is a pedophile
  37. karim is STILL a pedophile
  38. still hope a plane crashes
  39. Tayvie Drag Race 22 Episode 1!!!!!
  40. Karim is a pedophile

can this be verified

Jan 14, 2018 by HighNoon
but didnt nikotime & calebdaboss break up over peeps like????? thats gross on PRINCIPLE


we broke up because i wasn't the legal age of consent thank you very much
Sent by CalebDaBoss,Jan 14, 2018

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