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  1. i am very trans
  2. i want poptropica
  3. sipping my tea at the wedding
  4. Aren't you double my age?
  5. will you wear bikinis
  6. DO IT CALL 911
  7. LOL umm
  8. hmm if
  9. so riddle me this
  10. i guess we're not done being massive hypocrites
  11. at least
  12. you should throw up
  13. why don't you
  14. How can someone who
  15. obligatory
  16. Please I beg of you
  17. Time of respect
  18. i love internet
  19. I'm going 2 get you
  20. no again, cunt
  21. no you dense cunt pt. 2
  23. Muslims DID NOT DO 9/11
  24. Then whip out
  25. and yall are HYPOCRITES
  26. yall are self righteous
  27. So if I needed help
  28. and no I'm going to stop you there
  30. mmm
  31. Your charts are still fucking ugly
  32. i didn't know the person
  33. Can Randomize
  34. if I see another faggot
  35. and ALSO
  36. i cant
  37. Tayvie's RANDOM DRAG RACE results
  38. PYN- Random Drag Race
  39. Tayvie's RANDOM DRAG RACE
  40. Mahogany's PHONE NUMBER

just because you SAY

Dec 27, 2017 by HighNoon
you are something doesn't actually verify you are 'x'

so sure you're sweet as pie thumper91

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