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BBCAN6 Ep. 2 Rankings

Mar 8, 2018 by HaydenNicole



-Johnny is annoying asl.
-The fact that Johnny TARGETED Rozina was stupid and waste of a week. Hope he goes soon.
-I like Hamza, actually.
-Rozina is so cute :( why'd she have to go so soonnnn
-I've liked both the comps so far. Johnny winning ruined it tho.
-The alliance of four is actually cute but I have a feeling I wont like them eventually. I can't remember whos in it tho I think it was Derek, Kaela, Paras, and Jesse. Could be wrong tho.
-The fact that Ali managed to not be a target even after nearly winning the PoV comp is awesomeee. I had a feeling(and still do) she'd be an early target. Good thing she stayed tho. Worst 1st eviction noms in BBCAN history tho :( BBCAN5 was so good to us.
-Wish we saw more of Ravina's cut-throat attitude she promised. Her eviction speech was underwhelming.
-RIP Ravina #RavinaForAllStars

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