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PYN Survivor: New Zealand [Tengaged VS Everyone]

Mar 12, 2016 by Hatchell
imageAfter a compelling second season, I decided to go for a third one!

The first 8 people to PYN are going to participate in a BrantSteele-simulation of Survivor: New Zealand. I will simulate using Survivor: Tocantins, so this season will feature two Immunity Idols, Exile Island and an opportunity to flip evey pre-merge episode.

The twist is this: The 8 people to PYN will form the Baggins-tribe. The Mordor-tribe will be made up of 8 random celebrities/characters/contestants chosen by the people who PYN.

So, if you sign up, PYN like this: " Hatchell, with Donald Trump". It doesn't matter to me who you enter; free choice! (Unless they have played in seasons 1 or 2!)

Once I have enough participants, I will simulate the season and post the link, along with a voting table.

Let's have another good one! Please plus, comment and let me know if you want to be tagged. Thank you!

Baggins Tribe:
1.) rodrigues75
2.) lavaworks
3.) matedog1209
4.) xxthornwyz
5.) zed55
6.) lionsden121
7.) lovemeloveme
8.) ryanandrews

Mordor Tribe:
1.) Barack Obama
2.) Sophie Clarke
3.) Kass McQuillen
4.) Yoshiki Kaiji
5.) Meg Maley
6.) Rob Cesternino
7.) Matthew Noszka
8.) Shawn Mendes



Me with um Sophie Clarke idk lol
Sent by Lavaworks,Mar 12, 2016
Me and Caleb Reynolds from Survivor not BB
Sent by hsb123,Mar 12, 2016
Me and Kass McQuillen
Sent by Matedog1209,Mar 12, 2016
Me with Yoshiki Kaiji
Sent by xxThornWYZ,Mar 12, 2016
Me with Kanye West
Sent by Writinglegend,Mar 12, 2016
me and meg maley
Sent by Zed55,Mar 12, 2016
Me and Amanda Bynes
Sent by Slendie258,Mar 12, 2016
me and rob cesternino
Sent by lionsden121,Mar 12, 2016
me and Mike Borassi
Sent by survivornerd,Mar 12, 2016
me and Matthew Noszka < 3
Sent by LoveMeLoveMe,Mar 12, 2016
me and shawn mendes
Sent by RyanAndrews,Mar 14, 2016

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