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The Hassan_415's blog

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Who here googles themselves LOL Nov 19, 2015
Points: 11 1 comments
Feel So Relieved :) Nov 19, 2015
Finally Finished my Essay on Feminism. Hope I get an A
Points: 15 2 comments
James Reimer > Jonathan Bernier Nov 17, 2015
Been saying this since that stupid trade ugh #Leafs this why ur the worst franchise ever
Points: 15 3 comments
Hey u Nov 16, 2015
Arris where did ur red nose Go
Points: 38 2 comments
"Delete" on a Calculator Nov 16, 2015
imageu challenged me but I did it new Calc tho lol :P Delete2544
Points: 38 2 comments
What's your name? I want to see if I can spell it on my calculator. Nov 16, 2015
imageSpelled the word Hoe lol challenge me with new words :)
Points: 35 5 comments