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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I know I been in that stars 24 hours

Feb 22, 2024 by Harehere
But neither of you two who is up didn鈥檛 put any effort in that game except trying to float so stfu both  specially you Mackey khm


i know you are seriously kidding rn
Sent by Mackey,Feb 22, 2024
If you want an effortful game, go to a gym
Sent by Pavaneli,Feb 22, 2024
Who would you say is playing the best game?
Sent by Asuka_,Feb 22, 2024
Asuka_ goomy to be honest that guy is putting so much effort in social gameplay and everything pluss he amazingly playing all sides even if I am team sytrix till end
Sent by Harehere,Feb 22, 2024
Also Asuka_ girl Tara know what she doing there so winner is probably between goomy Tara and sytrix
Sent by Harehere,Feb 22, 2024

But at least both Mackey and I are in the top 7, whereas you, where did you place again?
Sent by Alexandrevs,Feb 22, 2024

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