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Hey i still owe everyone

Feb 19, 2024 by Harehere
Vlog with QandA and i will Made IT i am tommorow Free
To be honest i am super glad i got evicted lmfaoo
There is few reasons
1. I been super bored and i tought maybe i have time for stars but guess what i didn鈥檛 Had time for IT. I barely Talk strategy  with anyone at the End of day I barely talk at all with anyone.
2. I just lately moved in with Ivan and stars would take lot of my time with him and moment I saw it I was been ok throwing it away and just gonna joke in public chat with people
3. In cast it鈥檚 been lot of friends and I didn鈥檛 really want to hurt anyone to be honest so that鈥檚 another reason why I practically gave up

Also thanks everyone who saved me when I been up appreciate you guys I told most of you that I actually want to be evicted to be honest

Good luck other houseguests there specially my group gang with who I been talking the most about life and glad to have chance to reconnect with some of them. As well glad i met some new amazing people

All good love ya

Also if you have questions there is still time to ask


Sent by systrix,Feb 19, 2024

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