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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

First of all

10thFeb 18, 2024 by Harehere
Now i would need to make this title Like with some emoji so that can be  nice and become top blog.

This time I am just too high to give a fuck about it lol sorry

Wel like I said in speech I don鈥檛 really give a so much about this stars I joined bcs it鈥檚 fun and I am just joking around not doing anything too much except the most talk about stars in public house chat on discord. I been bored for some time 馃槀馃槀. But still I am not catching it strategically really and I am like however. I figured it鈥檚 all about you dear public no metter how good someone would play you already have yours winner . So I hit it to have fun .

So however you all decide good luck Dalvin and others houseguest just someone let me know next set what you need me to do and I will choose 馃槀馃槀馃槀

Also I still owe you all vlog with Ivan so you will get I am just busy these few days and still getting him comfortable with tg 馃槀馃槣


Sent by Gaiaphagee,Feb 18, 2024
Good luck hare
Sent by Alexandrevs,Feb 18, 2024
Sent by alex_naf,Feb 18, 2024
bye cunt
Sent by WorkBitch,Feb 19, 2024

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