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Disney Survivor Imunity Challenge 6

Nov 26, 2020 by HanaL117
Welcome in your today immunity challenge.

It will be interested, swap again, throw away buffs.

3 tribes, 12people,
2people will not play Immunity challnge because they will come back to game after tribal council, they will be still in game, it will be ´´individual immunity for them´´

2 tribes go to tribal council.

Temana tribe                                                        Tagi tribe                         
----------------                                                     ----------------                       
Miguel (from Coco)- EvictionFreak                   Olaf - Yawnha
Ariel - michland143                                         Cindrella - Lynn12
Simba - Mrkk                                                   Pocahontas - IONA0
Minnie Mouse- Decisions                                   Jafar - RJTHEBOSS

Trinidad tribe
Snow-white - WannaBeeFriends
Genie - SparkySault
Mufasa - Harry1210
Aladin - BlueStar

It means individual immunities win Winnie the Pooh- tokio and Stitch- BigBrother10101 say, winner of today Immunity challenge is TEMANA tribe.

Tagi and Trinidad tribes, we meet on tribal.

15th- Tommy123 (Bambi)
16th- Girllover101 (Ursula)
17th- Black_Wave (Merida)
18th- LornaHollas (Cruella de vil)
19th- Trackerfan1 (Arlo dinosaur)
20th- AshlynArehart (Belle)



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