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Survivor Panama PYN

May 14, 2019 by HanaL117
Hello guys I am your host Hana, welcome in the 2season of my survivor :)
This season will be different than season 1.
I need 20 players, but you must sign to my game with you friend.
So we will have 10 pairs.
I hope to experience another successful series

1.Shane- ShaneDawson12345  and Drew- Tester
2.Jadine-  SAWCHUK55  and  Matt- smuguy2012
3.Guigi- Guigi and Purrie- ParvatiS
4.Avril- AvrilSexy and Patrick- Pokepat
5.Joco- nijoco  and Munch- munchies
6.Gavin- greyconverse and Justin- jussy007
7.Michelle- michland143 and Cadden- Cadden
8.Adam- adamgrant and Tara- TaraG
9.Stef- lemons and David- dweller
10.Will- WillTraitor and Tashi- tashi

If you want play, write to comment you name and name your friend/partner :)
Good Luck



Shane and my partner will be Tester lmao to piss em off
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,May 14, 2019
Jadine and matt smuguy2012
Sent by SAWCHUK55,May 14, 2019
Sent by tata251,May 14, 2019
Guigi and Purrie ParvatiS
Sent by Guigi,May 14, 2019
Avril and Patrick Pokepat
Sent by AvrilSexy,May 14, 2019
pfffffff cos jussy007 is rude, ill play with munchies
Sent by nijoco,May 14, 2019
I鈥檒l be with jussy007
Sent by greyconverse,May 14, 2019
I agree greyconverse 馃挋
Sent by jussy007,May 14, 2019
Gavin is greyconverse
Sent by jussy007,May 14, 2019
Michelle and Cadden Cadden
Sent by michland143,May 14, 2019
Me and tarag
Sent by adamgrant,May 15, 2019
me and dweller
Sent by lemons,May 15, 2019
willtraitor and i
Sent by tashi,May 15, 2019
me and lemons
Sent by dweller,May 15, 2019
Sent by cinzi_lov,May 18, 2019

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