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Today's Top Fashionista

16thJul 20, 2021 by Halley
I'm very happy that it's in today's fashionista, even though this choice is sometimes quite random... It's something that I worried a lot about for a long time in my old .br account

Yes, I had a lot of designs and was constantly doing 1ts gift shops to have more beautiful clothes and I exchanged it with friends too, it was really fun and cool. I've always taken my flawless avatar very seriously and it was very frustrating when I was here at .com having to start from scratch.

So yes! I think I should celebrate this great victory because it reminded me of the old days and made me miss that old Halley spammer who used to spend hours watching designs go to auction, I know the site is something else today and I'm open to this new reality experience but there's no price for us to start building the avatar the way we want it and leaving it the way we want to express this great personality.

Many thanks also WorkBitch for being with me and helping me with this I also managed to assemble my avatar mainly by everyone who has been helping me since I returned to this great platform. This has all been surreal and amazing!


Sent by LittleMix,Jul 20, 2021
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Jul 20, 2021
Sent by J2999,Jul 20, 2021
Lendaaaa 馃挋
Sent by SandySandy,Jul 20, 2021
Sent by dylanx,Jul 20, 2021
Thanks my loves LittleMix Kiara_xoxo J2999 SandySandy dylanx ily <3
Sent by Halley,Jul 20, 2021
Icon 馃挏
Sent by LindsayMiaw,Jul 20, 2021
o text茫o ficou pra pr贸xima. diva.
Sent by Hunty,Jul 20, 2021
Sent by Robynn,Jul 20, 2021
pretty icon 馃挅
Sent by _Matt,Jul 20, 2021
Sent by Tryphena,Jul 20, 2021
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jul 20, 2021
You look great !
Sent by ItsAlexia,Jul 20, 2021
YES MY QUEEN <3 you look so perfect

Sent by brightongal,Jul 20, 2021
A star!!!!!!!!!!
Sent by andydara,Jul 21, 2021

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