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History - Halio-History

Sep 29, 2012 by Halio88
Hi, my name is Halio88. Recently (on September 2nd) it the mark of my fourth year as a member of this site.

Now, most of you probably have no clue who I am. Well, let me elaborate on that a little bit for you. I found tengaged with my friends from habbo all around the same time, people like bbdamian shayybayy jamesM willyex and quite a few more. The first game I joined I actually didn't come on for three days and will came on habbo and told me to get my butt back on the site. He ended up getting 0th overnight but whatever.

Now the point of actually writing this as a blog is because that's one really great components of tengaged. Unlike most other things on this site that change quite often (imo, often for the worse) blogging has remained about the same thing as it was when it first started.

The first game I won on this site was a fantastic one. I met my good friend hexylia. That game propelled me to believe I could actually do well on this site, which was actually true until fucking minigames came along god I suck at those. Anyways, I joined my first rookies where IamPaxton bet 40T$ on me, to this day, it is one of the most influential moments of my tengaged career. That bet scared enough people to push me to getting 9th place, because back then if you had more bets by the end you got a bit more money. After the game, I apologized to Paxton and we began a fantastic friendship.

After my dissapointing first rookies, I won another castings making some great new friends, I then decided to try rookies again. This time I was up against a lot tougher competition in the name of Rockgoddess. Lucky for me, we became good friends and decided to become allies. This was my first rookies win, and it allowed me to meet a great friend in rockgoddess.

After that win, I got two 8th places. But by that time I was also already orange level and was a contender to join stars (I KNOW ORANGE LEVEL CONTENDERS WHO KNEW!). Luckily for me, stars 5 was the stars that most of tengaged had decided to try to make the "Christmas stars" and give some noobs a chance to join, this was basically the orange levels and below. The idea worked out kind of smoothly, worked out great for me considering the fact I actually got in to stars 5. Now stars 5 is another extremely influential moment in my tengaged life considering I got third, but it wasn't just that. This game toyed with me, I didn't know what I wanted to do more, did I want to make it to the end more, or stay loyal to the "Habbo Alliance". Now, I might of lost some respect from some of my friends in that game but we all eventually came back around. That was one of my favourite games on tengaged because it was intense! I never had another game like it for a long time, and coming in third then propelled me to light green.

Now from then on, a lot of stuff happened. I met igor, abby, james(buc), chels, andychuck, kathreya, haskova, irvinicon, and so many others. Now back then, the misfits (kathreya, alisowned, haskova, irvin, etc.) and I didn't get along. We got in tons of fights and they got me evicted out of a lot of games and a few stars. Now Igor, Igor was a troll, and it was almost like he was always trying to find new ways to get banned. Class act guy. James and Abby were part of the "premade" I wanted to start called the llamaliance, we just decided to join games as friends and see what happens. Andychuck helped me through a lot of problems in one rookies game and I strongly related to him, and chels, well chels and I became best friends for the time.

This is where I start to forget about what happened, because, besides making new friends (cosgrove and kathreya are the main ones) nothing really special happened between then and this part. I joined games with them, cosgrove and I yelled at eachother a lot, kathreya pondered why I was popular at one point. Not a lot happened in this timeframe.

Yeah but after that I met Lemon5029 and Morebeastthanyou and by god the three of us were honestly like the three fucking stooges. All we would do would go on skype, have a call, and try to figure out different ways to cause havoc or hack things. One time Lemon changed his avatar to three of us poking our heads in and his avatar was gone. I then asked just for my head, and I created the "Halio88 Peeking in" design! It made auctions and is a fucking great design! Beast also claims to have bought me an "Off the Hezze" shirt but I don't believe him whatsoever.

Then, the best moment of my tengaged career, somehow, I can't remember it specifically, I met sarah summerlilly. This girl, was hands down the reason I stayed on for as long as I did. The best part of it is, meeting sarah and ali alykat started the end of my tengaged life. I was starting to finish with it and I can honestly say that I would of rather ended it on no others terms.

and then you know years later I came back and reconnected with some friends, and made some new friends ( jogon, konohavillage1, puma, nicolette) and we made the proud peacorks and I also got black level (YAY ONLY TOOK U 12 YEARS NATHAN Sent by Radiohead May 11, 2013)

Now that my history is all cleared up. I'm just going to put some more stuff down below...

Some important people not mentioned above: blakeisback bengalboy nerdybones phanne abrogate cheznahuf aquamarine icyhot zacharyy

Highest Rank: 194th

Favourite Games: 1.

Least Favourite Games: 1.

Favourite Blog Ever:

Favourite Premade Ever: phUN

Favourite Design:

"Halio88 - when did you get so damn popular?"
- Kathreya

"If you happen to ever be playing a game with Chels05, Clayton, Halio88 and 2cool4school. WATCH YOUR BACK! They may seem retarded, self-centered, boring and intellectually harmless individuals. But don't be fooled! They randomly neg you and ruin a perfectly good game!"
- Nicolette

Best known for: Picking fights with EVERYBODY, having a very short fuse, being one of the most revengeful Jury members ever! Being voted most annoying player and player that needs a bag over his face.
Will he attack the producers again? Who will be his favorite victim this season?
- Nerdybones

"All you did was add a bus."

"All it takes sometimes is a bus."
- LaQuawnda

Halio- OMFG u have been on this site forever. WHEN I FIRST JOINED.. I REMEMBER I KINDA LOOKED UP TO YOU..just sayin LOLOLOL. i remember seeing you in stars alot when i was first on here, and so i thoguth u were like, this hella famous guy even though u generaly got evicted early. I think we have played only 1 game on my entire time here unfortunately :S this should change. you r a cool cat ;]
- MerPear


"when a douche comes around, you push him to the ground"
                               - Halio88, 2009
top respect mate!
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 29, 2012
omg yay Halio!

I enjoyed this little halio-history lesson!

I kinda wish I was around for the days of the misfits....seems like they had a lot of personality and I would've gotten a kick out of them. :')

And as for phUN, sadly, we've all gone our separate ways à la the Golden Girls finale.
Sent by cheznahuf,Sep 29, 2012
Your the best
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Sep 29, 2012
<   3!!!!!
Sent by JamesM,Sep 29, 2012
awwww yeah
Sent by lemon5029,Sep 30, 2012
yes, all credit for that design goes straight to you. yes sir
Sent by lemon5029,Sep 30, 2012

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