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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


May 25, 2019 by HaiImJake
I'm the bitch with the long hair and the top off
Talk tough, like a bottle top, we twist your top off
Had to hit the turn quick, just to get the narcs off
I'm the real deal shawty and you just the knockoff
Shake it up - no Coca-Cola, I'm the one that pop off
Hit me on my Motorola if you need some narcos
I've been working every day, no, I ain't never call off
Talking shit on Instagram, that pistol make you log off
It's upsetting that these bitches think they better than me
I got the bar too high and it's hard to beat
Gucci shades hit dark so it's hard to see
The easy part is gettin' money but it's hard to keep

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