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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Sep 21, 2016 by Guillomouve
i have a Facebook memory today and it's because 1 year ago, the QWD episode in which I flipped and voted out a girl in my alliance aired and before it aired, nobody still knew for sure who had flipped so i was exposed and they all bashed me and now it's been a year lol idk if they'll comment shit again.. even the girl's family bashed me lmao they were like ''WE WERE SO EAGER TO MEET YOU IN PERSON GO FUCK YOURSELF''


facebook games are crazy, i once backstabbed an alliance and the host was backstabbing is not cool and removed me from the game
Sent by MelihV,Sep 21, 2016
was like*
Sent by MelihV,Sep 21, 2016
its not a fb game though it was an irl gameshow melihv lol
Sent by Guillomouve,Sep 21, 2016

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