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  2. I don't like the fact
  3. Don't call me angel
  4. every time I try to study
  5. Hey hey
  6. Holaaa <3
  8. Should I do a 5k charity?
  9. Hello
  10. PYN and do the quiz
  11. PYN and I’ll msg you if I find you attractive
  12. Whoever gets the highest score
  13. How should I feel about this? ;p
  14. YOU'RE 6'2?
  15. Conasse
  16. Hey y'all <3
  17. Anyone that knows Jadine
  18. PYN and i'll match you with someone
  19. you realize you're on tg right?
  20. hi
  21. Got my Halloween costume on.
  22. I feel awful this morning
  23. Fake
  24. the fuck is a Black Felipe LMAO
  25. Britney is stuck in my head now
  26. Jadine is legit
  27. Guess who's pregnant?
  28. thank you <3
  29. who wants to be friends? <3
  31. omg Purrie
  32. Wear pink <3
  33. Good morning
  34. i"m dying
  35. Can't wait for our new pipeline <3
  36. PYN and i'll say who's my favorite person
  37. Good Morning Ladies <3
  38. join my super tribe
  39. Hey losers ❤

i didnt nom you to get you evicted

5thJun 26, 2019 by Guigi
edit: why is this a top blog? dead
i nommed you bc i knew you least and i wasnt gonna nom people that saved me the round before.
get your facts straight. I DONT CARE ABOUT THAT CHARITY i said it multiple times.
youre the one that keeps commenting about me being a man well at least i'm fucking more attractive than you'll ever be and thats IF we ever see your fucking face.

case closed. fighterman


You nommed me because you are a man.
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 26, 2019
Honestly thos blog is tea
Sent by Admir,Jun 26, 2019
Sent by Dracarys,Jun 27, 2019
Thanks for charity help gals!
Sent by EmzThorne,Jun 27, 2019
sad. a fight over someone else's charity
Sent by Minie,Jun 27, 2019
Sent by Zuelke,Jun 27, 2019

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