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  1. Is there a chance that Holly can win?
  2. We need the green and orange chroma
  3. Gift me the red dress please <3
  4. JOIN VIVOR <3
  5. Stars Support <3
  6. Deal Score Quadruplet <3
  7. ask me and i'll ask back <3
  8. both wrong
  9. Stop genderfaking
  10. me when tony didnt invite me to his charity
  11. JOIN VIVOR <3
  14. Who wants to buy
  15. Who wants to study for my exam for me? :D
  16. Ask Me Anything <3
  17. add for add?
  18. Me carrying Jadine to the end
  19. I JUST HIT 200TH :o
  20. I've heard Fiona
  21. I love you so much <3
  22. I posted this in the VL
  23. last night's episode
  24. Jadine's ex is hot.
  25. Me tagging Sue
  26. Does anyone ever play frooks anymore?
  27. So HAPPY
  28. #Pray4Gabriel
  29. PYN and i'll tell you
  30. who do I have to be friends with
  31. You two are vile
  32. If i want to become a lawyer
  33. ask me, I'll ask you <3
  34. your story sucks
  35. Waking up drunk but on time for school
  36. No title
  37. Me not being resonable
  38. Can't wait to smash
  39. Why did Grodner
  40. hey sluts <3

Did you know that? I'M SHOOK :o

Jun 6, 2019 by Guigi
Candice also talks about how she thinks she and Parvati were switched last minute on Heroes vs. Villains, because they both had to change their clothes to be different colors. She thinks she would have had fun on the Villains tribe, and wanted to work with Boston Rob and Sandra. Rob thinks that would have changed everything, since Parvati wouldn’t have been working with Russell early on.

imagine if Parvati would of been on the Heroes side and Candice on the Villains side. it would of changed everything.


Okay but Parvati is a bigger villain than Candice anyway
Sent by winner132,Jun 6, 2019
Sent by JasonXtreme,Jun 6, 2019
4 people from the same season (micro) on the same tribe.....
Sent by FelipeS,Jun 6, 2019

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