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  1. Join Vivor with Moi ;)
  2. OMG
  3. Old tengaged gf
  4. You Should Come Back
  5. Who do I vote for?
  6. updated x
  7. pyn and ill say the first word
  8. who's actually good looking on here?
  9. hey guys :)
  10. Me when I miss my premades back in the dayz.
  11. This site is fixed :(
  12. RIP Tengaged its been real x
  13. Happy Valentine's Day <3
  14. <3
  15. Why did frooks glitch?
  16. Hey ;3
  17. UMMMMM
  18. Does that mean
  19. Who do I vote for?
  20. Gonna do my
  21. If any of my good friends would join stars
  22. This nomset is awful :x
  23. I got a bad idea.
  24. me when your friend is begging you
  25. who wants to be in my premade
  26. Who's the hottest newbie on The Challenge 33?
  27. Snap?
  28. Sup
  29. <3
  30. Who wants to frooks with me?:)
  31. Good People Join Vivor
  32. Hola <3
  33. hey peeps :)
  34. updating for the last time soon
  35. pyn for short opinion
  36. 1 spot for frooks...
  37. how many users start with blujay?
  38. no one wants to be my friend on here
  39. Should I Frooks?
  40. Should I Apply

If any of my good friends would join stars

Feb 11, 2019 by Guigi
i'd make them a sign
*wink, wink* ParvatiS


oh im ready for purrie to come back to stars and snatch another W!
Sent by peace123,Feb 11, 2019
me too. with my great looks and her amazing social game theres no way she can lose ;) peace123
Sent by Guigi,Feb 11, 2019
peace123 MISS YOU <3

Guigi why dont you, i never seen you in a stars game before
Sent by ParvatiS,Feb 11, 2019
i can't make a sign for myself? parvatis thats loser
Sent by Guigi,Feb 11, 2019

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