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  1. Who Wants To Join Stars
  2. A bit insulted
  3. Hi dru!
  4. Join My Charity if you love me x <3
  5. I think we're meant for eachother <3
  6. I will legit gift one of the 3 people
  7. This stupid game needs to fill!
  8. Hi Tengaged!
  9. I hope Cory goes home this week.
  10. Maybe I could help
  11. I'm Innocent.
  12. If I join stars
  13. My 700th Charity is still next rooks.
  14. OKAY i'll say this again
  15. Next Rooks is my 700th Charity!
  16. Hey Hey.
  17. I'm pretty sure Jadine
  18. PYN and i'll match you
  19. Hottest Tengager?
  20. If I have a 700th charity
  21. Goodnight x
  22. Poor Wes joining
  23. Can you leave me alone?
  24. 4k Karma Finally <3
  25. Two nights in a row
  26. Who do I vote for?
  27. Sponsor me in hunger
  28. PYN for a rate
  29. Is it
  30. ToxicPussy is smart
  31. Hi I'm Guigi.
  32. Best Frooks I Had In A While <3
  33. Send some love to my girl Jadine
  35. Hello.
  36. Awful Nom Set
  37. Thank you lovely <3
  38. Love you <3
  39. If I joined Stars
  40. Good morning lovelies

If any of my good friends would join stars

Feb 11, 2019 by Guigi
i'd make them a sign
*wink, wink* ParvatiS


oh im ready for purrie to come back to stars and snatch another W!
Sent by peace123,Feb 11, 2019
me too. with my great looks and her amazing social game theres no way she can lose ;) peace123
Sent by Guigi,Feb 11, 2019
peace123 MISS YOU <3

Guigi why dont you, i never seen you in a stars game before
Sent by ParvatiS,Feb 11, 2019
i can't make a sign for myself? parvatis thats loser
Sent by Guigi,Feb 11, 2019

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