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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Day 5 Thts the way it is/ Epilogue

Apr 18, 2021 by Guet1993
Day 5 This my final blog for this rookie game, after 5 days im reach the final 7 but im not see the  day 6.

This game as be difficult sometimes but i share some godd moments too. Im think this game as to be a good thing for me because ive see the next level who wait for me. Yeahthis just a charity game but ive found on this game the fighter in me and see the possibility to have some respect from legends here who suppprt on this trip on the game.

Im go with my final words for some people im discover on this game.

- Steefano The charity owner, whe have some difference sometimes you call me a nuisance and annoying. But you see  me as a cool dude and a king . This last fasting we play together allowed us to konw a little musch and see the real me.

As the legend as you to treat a newbie like me on rookies like some real competition give me hope. Im only play 10 times but having your benediction a ssomeone as pretty active, as good player and your respect his something for me. Thanks for the time you give me on the game and im hope the next we mette eatch other we will have less problems. Buddy i like you, im respect you and i ve a good end to your game.

- Vanili you are a gread player with heart im understand certain of your actions. im reallyappreciate the fact you are the first person for give courage to continue to play and see the real person im am despite the drama for thatt im said thank you.

- Seaking  your my  binary bro for me you continue to give a silent support beside the camping againt me and im really apprecit the few word and discussion we have during the game. Thanks for the time you give me.

- Jameslu im support you, im hope you continuto go far  even if tha algo doent like you this is  not the same for me. Im appreciate the fact you continue to plus me beside the fact some tell to no do it. Im hope on aother game we can play and know better.

This the end thanks for  having play with me and read my blogs. Now im new journey begin and im play somme rokkies game in the futur (after have enough tip lol)



Plussed :) it was great to play with you and get to know you. I really think you will do great in "normal" Rookies in the future if you give them a shot, because you're nice and also active as you should be! I hope you're feeling fine after everything
Sent by SeaKing,Apr 18, 2021

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