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Ready for the Guard to Change?

Jan 3, 2017 by Graneceffect
It's almost here, the beginning of Trumps reign. I think the majority of this site is upset about it. I'm not sure. I assume this because of the reactions of those on the blogs page and my friends. This sample is not necessarily a representation of the whole, but I assume it to be accurate.

A lot of people are nervous about how his Presidency will affect their lives. My guess is these people are over reacting. Don't get me wrong. If your not a capitalist pig then this is definitely not good for your agenda. I've heard Trump will get to appoint two or three supreme court justices. This will create new interpretations of the constitution immediately, and, for a time, as future courts refer back to the precedent it creates. Obama Care seems like it will be repealed, which will make health care less accessible to those without access to it through traditional routes (ie. employment with bigger corporations). Minimum wage is perhaps less likely to raise and no future breaks will be applied to people and their student loans.

However, I think it would be good to look at Guantanamo Bay, if your feeling super down in the dumps about Trump. Obama promised eight years ago to close that bad boy down. That was, in a way, his equivalent to Trump's wall promise. After seven years, last year, he was able to get 15 prisoners released in one day. That was the largest blow he made to the facility up to that point. He got another 15 released about six months later. That was, more or less, the extent of it.

My point is Trump will probably go nowhere with a lot of his promises. There will be some temporary changes in government, with the biggest visible change the common wo/man sees being changes to the way his/her taxes are calculated. Most of the changes will be reversed when the next liberal gets in.

This is an ongoing cycle. your looking at a knuckle on the fist of the arm of a much bigger beast. Each knuckle is a little different, but their end goal is the same, to make you think you actually are contributing to the democratic process, while they pound and gouge you into submission.

Forget about Washington, look to your communities and find small simple changes you can make to enhance your life and the lives of those around you. Only love can defeat the beast and it has got to start at a grassroots level.

Have a great day TG :*

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