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Stars 116 Wonderflipper Quote!!!

Feb 2, 2011 by Godrik
image[1:15:48 AM] Godrik: so please tell me why?(did you fucked us all)
[1:16:17 AM] Amy: because its stars
[1:16:57 AM] Godrik:lol
my last conversation with wonderland(flipper)
So its a MUST to lie and play both sides if you play Stars???


Sent by lemonface,Feb 2, 2011
you must've said something to amy about her webbed toes

she really takes offense to that

i did it once in a rookies...and got evicted the next round :(
Sent by cheznahuf,Feb 2, 2011
It's just a game hon. Stars is Stars.
Sent by tinabeena,Feb 2, 2011
You played the game your way I'll play the game my way.
Sent by Wonderland,Feb 2, 2011
Sent by MoooCoww,Feb 2, 2011
Sent by nelson1987911,Feb 2, 2011
did u expect anything more out of wonderland?
Sent by sandizzle,Feb 2, 2011
lol :)
Sent by Godrik,Feb 2, 2011
I luvvvvvs Amy
Sent by ronron313,Feb 2, 2011
Sent by VivianLeigh,Feb 2, 2011
<333 +11
Sent by Chemicalali,Feb 2, 2011

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