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Survivor : Final Words

Jun 15, 2011 by Godrik
imageAnd this is it after 13 merges(guess 13 is bad luck for me) , more then 90 days and 130+ persons  voted out last night was my turn.
All i can say is that im not sad , i did my best in every challenge and i become better and better thanks to this guys :

Trishy - She is my best friend here on tengaged she is just the most special and carrying person that ivd meet in my life. ILY and thanks for beeing an AMAZING tribemate. (Glad it was me last night)

Flame - MY DOND buddy. He is amazing , unbelievable and the perfect tribemate  for this kind of game. I will never forget the mornings with you me and trish playing DOND on skype . <3333ILY

Phillie - Our little leader ;) he allways have an advice for us and he is 100 % into this game. And his scores are just :O:O:O:O. ILY

Fink - How can you be so nice?? He represent the salt and the pepper in this tribe. He allways will make you laugh but when is time for the challenge he becomes a beast. ILY and im glad that we become better friends

Lulu - In my opinion she is one of the best girls is challenges form this webite. She is and amazing person please dont change because you are perfect . Love having you as a tribesmate and keep going girl. ILY

Piddu - Your scores were like fresh oxygen for us , but not the challenges makes you the person that you are but your big heart and you unconditional support for this tribe . ILY and im happy that we become friends.

And also i wanna say thanks to:
Jesse : ILY you know that and it was sad that we were voted out.
Liber : im gonna wait for you to remerge ;)
Etienne : Great to have you in our tribe
Kelerson : ILY you deservd the merges you made with us<3

GL you all. I love you and hope that ill see you soon.


Godrik </3 can't wait to play with you again soon *dances*
Sent by trishytrash,Jun 15, 2011
shame you had to go :/ +12
Sent by _maffew,Jun 15, 2011
Sent by JesseM,Jun 15, 2011
Awwww :) 15
Sent by rippyroo,Jun 15, 2011
you were so amazing on the tribe. i remember i used to see you a lot in games, i think duels and we barely talked. but now after this whole survivor thing we've become really good friends. thanks for being such a good tribemate and you have to merge back!
Sent by Piddu,Jun 15, 2011
gonna miss you on the tribe, man.... hope you're back soon :)
Sent by philliesfan09,Jun 15, 2011
Sent by FlameonX,Jun 15, 2011
It's been fun.

It was great having you! :)
Sent by finklestein123,Jun 15, 2011
13 merge is pretty good <3
Sent by Chemicalali,Jun 15, 2011

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