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Controversial Hot Topic

Nov 15, 2021 by Girllover101
Canada鈥檚 Drag Race S2 is the worst Drag Race season out of all the franchises


uk3 is right there
Sent by Slice,Nov 15, 2021
Rpdr down under says hi
Sent by Byleth,Nov 15, 2021
down under... season 11 of us....
Sent by MsKathryne,Nov 15, 2021
Slice UK3 isn鈥檛 bad honestly it鈥檚 like mid tier
Byleth I agree, but I still enjoyed it more than CAN S2.
I legit STRUGGLE and cringe every-time it鈥檚 on my tv
Sent by Girllover101,Nov 15, 2021

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