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Speculated RPDR AS5 Cast Placement Prediction

Jun 15, 2019 by Girllover101
Placement Order Prediction:

1st: Shea Coulee
2nd: Ongina
3rd: Jujubee (ik)
4th: Miz Cracker
5th: Blair St. Clair
6th: Alexis Mateo
7th: Mayhem Miller
8th: Derrick Barry
9th: Mariah
10th: India Ferrah

What鈥檚 yours?



1st Shea
2nd Cracker
3rd/4th Alexis
3rd/4th Ongina
5th Jujubee
6th Mariah
7th Blair
8th Mayhem
9th India
10th Derrick
Sent by AkeriaChanel,Jun 15, 2019
10th Blair
Sent by Letal,Jun 15, 2019
Wtf this is literally my prediction I even commented it on a tea video
Sent by rodrigueseve,Jun 15, 2019

Sent by Girllover101,Jun 15, 2019
I think they will all play dirty this season NGL

So tbh i don't think Shea will win

I hope she does, But with this cast, They will play dirty
Sent by adamslater19,Jun 15, 2019
My prediction
10th - Mayhem (Sent home by either Blair or Cracker)
9th - India (Sent home by Shea)
8th - Blair (Sent home by Derrick)
7th - Alexis (Sent home by Shea)
6th - Mariah (Sent home by Jujubee)
5th - Ongina (Sent home by Cracker)
4th - Derrick
3rd - Miz Cracker
2nd - Jujubee
1st - Shea

(IF they play dirty)

10th - Mariah
9th - Mayhem
8th - Ongina
7th - Miz Cracker
6th - Blair
5th - Shea
4th - Derrick
3rd - Ongina
2nd - Alexis
1st - Jujubee
Sent by adamslater19,Jun 15, 2019

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