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  7. I’m single now :’(
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  21. I remember being popular on this website
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  25. How is everyone doing?
  26. Don’t worry guys
  27. PEPPA....
  28. I miss Scoderk
  29. That was a fun birthday
  30. I’m 19 now 😎
  31. I chipped my tooth off a chicken wing today
  32. Can I Exhale?
  33. Snapchat?
  34. I need a new Sia album asap :(
  35. I wish y’all cared about our planet dying
  36. Celeb dies and you all cry
  37. Monique Heart should have been Top 2 in AS4
  38. Took a 2 week break!
  39. Hi, Gabbie Hanna is SOOOO underrated!
  40. Walk down the runway, but don’t puke.

You were pathetic on ZWO(end racism)OPER

May 28, 2019 by Girllover101
And you’re still pathetic on here. I’m glad to see old habits don’t die for immature little bitches like you. Racist bitch.



who are you? Like please leave a name number and brief message and I WONT GET BACK TO YOU. I am your blog "could I become popular again" you seem madddd baby. Like youre big pressed. Stupid ugly cunt.
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019
whats your username hmmmm
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019
I just don’t give the person any attention because that’s all it wants
Sent by maturo,May 28, 2019
maturo you love me shut up. Im messing w you
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019
she's hot
Sent by Sk8erGal,May 28, 2019
Sk8erGal TEA
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019
Magix everything I post as a troll is a mood lmao, and my username is Girllover101 bc I like girls-insert pikachu shocked meme- and do you only act this way online bc you’re a pathetic little boy who has no friends in real life, so you take your anger out on a big brother website?

You were actually a friend of mine back on the other site, but no wonder why people cancelled you. You are trash, and quite frankly you need to be taken out once again bitch.

Go back to party city where you belong!
Sent by Girllover101,May 28, 2019
Who? i don't remember yo-
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019
im a girl btw
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019
Sent by Magix,May 28, 2019

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