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  1. 1 more charity please 馃槵
  2. Taylor Swift - Lover
  3. I need to bet.
  4. How is everyone doing?
  5. Don鈥檛 worry guys
  6. PEPPA....
  7. I miss Scoderk
  8. That was a fun birthday
  9. I鈥檓 19 now 馃槑
  10. I chipped my tooth off a chicken wing today
  11. Can I Exhale?
  12. Snapchat?
  13. I need a new Sia album asap :(
  14. I wish y鈥檃ll cared about our planet dying
  15. Celeb dies and you all cry
  16. Monique Heart should have been Top 2 in AS4
  17. Took a 2 week break!
  18. Hi, Gabbie Hanna is SOOOO underrated!
  19. Walk down the runway, but don鈥檛 puke.
  20. Is this selfie insta worthy?
  21. Speculated RPDR AS5 Cast Placement Prediction
  22. -7 me for a high five
  23. Saying Goodbye is so hard 馃槶
  25. I am NOT a Cheater.
  26. Sponsor me ARROWS
  27. Sponsor me arrows
  28. 9 more for hunger
  29. I also got Bipolar Depression
  30. Is Virtulife still around?
  31. stars enrollment time?
  32. I'm actually heartbroken Hunger is dead :(
  33. I'm so depressed lol :(
  34. Tengaged Random.Org Drag Race S1
  35. Should I buy TV Star?
  37. Pyn for a gift
  38. Who wants to be T-BFF鈥檚!!
  39. You were pathetic on ZWO(end racism)OPER
  40. Gift me?

I tried going back to dating girls

Apr 1, 2019 by Girllover101
That shit blew up in my face 馃槀


Remember when we dated on z and we had blue buffs
Sent by AngeIa,Apr 1, 2019
Omg yes!!! AngeIa

We were such a hot couple
Sent by Girllover101,Apr 1, 2019
Ugh yea we was THAT couple we slayed everyone
Sent by AngeIa,Apr 1, 2019

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