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Derrick Barry Drunkenly Roasts Herself.

Jun 5, 2018 by Girllover101
favourite queens. in the entire world. trixie, i dont care if you said “winner, winner, chicken dinner”. yes. i thought it was fucking brilliant. the fact that rupaul did not love it, is rupauls loss. because i loved it. and. i wish i could remember her name but i am so drunk that i cannot remember it. no. but listen. latrice? is one of my most favourite rupauls drag race queens. in the entire world. latrice, did i not cry when i met you? i did. which is embarrassing. but we’re gonna move on. because we’re not talkinf about latrice. we’re talking about miss trixie lattel-

i love all of this first of all i wanna thank miss thorgy shor because this is the most exciting thing that she has ever happened to her miss ginger minj i love you and i will never ever disrespect what you have done for the community- she has worked with jennifer anniston. give it up for miss ginger minj and i would love to work for miss eureka o hara but thing is she should not have been on season 9 and she should not have been on season 10 as well gove it up for miss eureka o hara. aaoohhhhh im sensing some boos well guess what bitch you are at the rupauls drag race season HATE so if you cannot respond then you do not belong here. alright so im gonna congratulate miss trixie montell yes.woo wooooo trixie? where? i cant find you. trinxie. listen i dont care if people congratulate you or not you are the winner of all stars 3 for me. yeah. and id you guys were congratulating shashngela, shes NOT HERE ToNight so FUCK YOU. so. let me get back to my notes because this is what i did because i am prepared, to give you a fucking show YEAH i dont know who said that, but thorgy, yeah, Yeah. Yeah. thorgy if you said im fucking amazing, then you should rewatch thrupauls drag race because you came in rupauls drag race bob the drag queen so FUCK YOU. Alright. Oh! thorgy. yoh know what im gonna take a drink of MY drink yeah. i love you too go fuck yourself. because when you were on season 8 you could give a shit about rupauls drag race season 8 and. you know what? bob the drag queen won over you and you will never amount to aannyyyythiiinnnggg. okay. so trixie. i wanna first- yeah you caught that bitch congratulations. whats your- whats you’re, whats you’re name? what is it? alright i dont know if your name is chuck or go fuck yourself but your name is tonight is chuck. so. listen. CHUCK. im gonna dedicate this tonight to truck. so truck, congratulations on winning drupauls drag race season. i dont even know if its rupauls drag race season 8 is that right? yeah. well its not. so rupauls drag race season 10! WOOOOO. alright so. i hate you thorgy. alright. alright. so rupauls drag race condragulations on winning all stars! can you imagine that never woulda happened? yeah! alright. so. i want you guys to imagine the trips for the imagine person, it might- it might not. be So noticeable. BUT. shes got. the white. why did i write that? can you guys believe it? okay. so wait. i want you guys to imagine that none of this has ever happened. that THORGY THOR, could not be so noticeable, but shes got all that white around her. eyeees. and her yellow,, inside her mOuth! that when people ask her, if shes open to the north and the south that she has  conformed that she is open. to yeah i know its crazy! that she is open. to someone who has the pee. FUCK you trixie mattol because you know what you already won. OKAY that she has been open In Her Mouth that iy is confirmed that ANYTIME she has to pee she is quick to return then I AM THIRSTY! YES? Noooo bitch OOOoooohhhhh ooohhh trinny taylor. listen. i kno that you los tpeppermint but i guess what? you are ready to lose tonight! are you guys ready? okay! okay i got one more minute thats aaaall i got. okay that she is open in her mouth. are you guys ready? it is confrmed that any time Someone has to pee, trixie, is quick to reply that someone has to pee she is quick to r-say “i am thirsty!” yeah? nooooo. bitch. well go fuck yourself because i am not ready. that maybe, are you ready? maybe they are quick to reply that they are off the vitamins and if You are ready to say that they am thirsty that many TRY absenting that with more yellow round your eyes. that you can compliment everything else that you have going on around your Mouwth. Okay? now listen. No. i loove trixie mattel and if you guys washed season 8, you know that i am Ready to defend trinxie mattel. yes. across season 8 rupauls drag race Miss ACID betty. okay do YOU GUYS KNOW THAT? ARE YOU GUYS READY to defend? across miss trixie mattel across Miss. Accid betty. are you guys ready? alright. now. i want you to shut the fuck up. now LiSten. i Loove. i Love all of her bullies. and i am ready to accept. miss trixie mattel. to get rid of all the acid betties. and i didnt hear miss. kim chi. did you guys hear. miss chim ki? i didnt hear that! she did not step up. and listen. this shit no! no no no! no! listen. she did not respect. she did not respect this. listen! no!

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