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  1. *enters Detox's laugh from AS2*
  2. get off my account you fat fuck
  3. All of the designs in shops are ugly
  5. So I was standing there...
  6. me @
  7. Im latino and can't deny it
  8. I'm talking to 5 guys irl
  9. Miss her, what happened to her?
  10. Anyone have pngs?
  11. I bid 1.7k... yikes
  12. Anyone know how to make
  13. Hopes to wake up to a shop tomorrow
  14. Yes Title
  15. Plan on getting a shop
  16. bitchface77
  18. If Biqtch Puddin doesn't win Dragula S2
  19. pyn and I'll tell you if....
  21. Who likes spamming?
  22. Can't wait for Biqtch Puddin to win Dragula
  23. why do random people just message me
  24. Kandee is a zwooper LEGEND
  25. Tengaged is crashing! It's ending!
  26. whats happening lmao
  27. whats happening lmao
  29. Sia can write her songs in 40 mins
  30. Bitch why you mad?
  31. Halloween is the hottest girl on this site
  32. Who wants to get MARRIED!!
  33. My life has been shit ever since I stole
  34. Girllover walks in at 9:00 PM EST
  35. Just remember, I still supported your shop!
  36. Its a fucking ONLINE WEBSITE
  37. we love our tengaged famila
  38. Listened to 7/10 songs from Camila's new album
  39. Why did Camila's album flop for me
  40. Yikes @ this hunger


1stJan 1, 2018 by Girllover101
imageAs I am sitting here, drinking the tea giggling about what I am going to do to SHOCK tengayed all while being a little drunk is what is iconic. I am sick of being the nice guy, because all it gets me is fucked in the ass. (Don't get me wrong.. being fucked in the ass isn't all that bad) but I mean come the fuck on. I have been 100% with every fucker in that cast. I am a strong player, and I know that. Lowwww in all honesty has been ignoring everyone. If you're gonna play stars, then why ignore people. Play the fucking game. I still wanna play. I have a lot of drive left in my heart. I don't wanna see someone who isn't gonna take time to talk to people stay in the house, it's bullshit! Tengaged, I joined stars bc of a tramatic experience that happened to me irl, I joined to keep my mind off of it, and so far it's helping. I have so much anger in me right now that I'm going to make sure that friend group isn't going to control this game. If I gotta be the next Oliviaxoxo then so fucking be it. I'm not just going to stand around like a sheep and be a little bitch at all. So to the Stars 477 cast, if you wanna do something for yourselves, then come to me. And lets make this stars game a fun one! Thank you!

Gl Lowwww, I swear to god if you stay, play the fucking game.

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LOL be the next Oliviaxoxo good luck girl fight back! ❤️
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 1, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Jan 1, 2018
Good luck love
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Jan 1, 2018
Slay them hon
Sent by BigMamaT,Jan 1, 2018
You look gross
Sent by Zoey101,Jan 1, 2018

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