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9thFeb 20, 2016 by GiGi10
imageKPG - 30 something
Stars - 2nd, 16th, 9th (avg. 9.00)
HG - Won 3
Survivor - 46 merge streak (HOF)


Survivor Streak Blog

It's OVER. Part of me is happy I don't have to worry about getting votes or playing last minute immunities anymore, but overall it kinda sucks that I didn't make the HOF after being so close. Anyways, it was a pretty fun experience for the most part, and I made a lot of good friends, and also became closer with a lot of old friends. This next part is probably gonna be TLDR so yeah skip if you must.

My streak started on tribe catholic icons in FUCKING JANUARY (yikes) and slowly moved into tribe neg finn, which lasted until I merged into tribe litty titty for the final few merges. If you wanna know the secret behind getting a streak, its about 10% skill and 90% luck, especially with swaps. If you get swap fucked there really isn't much you can do, and I could've been voted out a few times because of that if it wasn't for some of my pals looking out for me.

Basically, you need a strong core alliance with mostly non-useless people (ex. ak73) but also a few useless people (ex. hints) that will sheep you if necessary. And then you need to have connections on the OT in case they are winning most of the comps and you need them to throw (this happened so many times). But again it's mostly just luck.

Okay now imma do shout outs and if I forget you I'm so sorry but I've merged with like hundreds of people so yeah.

#shyannemystik - you being voted out was the first TRAGIC vote of my streak, we were all idiots but yeah.. ILY and hope you are doing well <3 (merges 1-15)
#icebeast - we got a lot closer during this which was nice, idk where the fuck you are now, but yeah you getting voted out was also sad, FUCKING VLAD! (merges 1-19)
BrenLa - fuck you for wanting to be voted out like 4 merges in, we could've merged so long dumb bitch (merges 1-7)
Oysterman11 - you went inactive like 2 merges in and basically became my multi so thanks ig (merges 1-16)

TRIBE NEG FINN (merges 23-43):
adrius - you were SUCH a good ally, you did literally anything for us, thanks so much for your help <3 (merges 21-27)
alanb1 - you merged twice into our tribe, the first was a lot less dramatic than the second. I don't know why the fuck I trusted you after you fucked me over like 3 times with votes but it worked out. You're alright but you need to lose some of your paranoia (merges 12-18 & 23-24)
hints - erm.. we had our ups and down during our time on the tribe didn't we x. I don't really know if you don't like me or if you are just trying to be "funny" but you are a cool woman and I'm glad you joined our tribe like 6 times, gave me a nice sheep for many of the swaps we had together. Sorry for voting you out that one time hehe (merges 23-39 on and off..)
violets - probably the best pal I made from this game of anyone I didn't know beforehand. We pulled off a lot of votes that people don't know about to this day haha! Thanks for being super cool xd (merges 23-45)
finn315 - icon... (merges 25 & 39)
ak73 - without each other we would've probably been voted out multiple times during this stretch, so thank you for dragging me to merge sometimes. I always 100% trusted you, even though my friends really REALLY did not. You are probably one of my better allies ever. (merges 23-43)
fighterman - thank you for pushing me to be my best each and everyday by being rude to me in tribe chat <3 (merges N/A)
admir - I feel like we became closer bcus of this streak so YAY! we didn't merge for too long and idr why you got voted out but HEY cool (merges 31-34)
suzycroatia - queen <3 you were so inactive during this streak GOD it was frustrating, but me and ali carried you bcus ur ok i guess. RESPOND BETTER (merges 31-44)
tofutime - you were one of the people who took the bullets for me so ty!!! true survivor squad was clutch, even though we all got voted out hehe. glad u finally like me enough that u could put me on ur friends page again... (merges 25-28 & 36-44)
joseline - bitch try harder in vivor. wish you would've actually done something but at least you were a semi-good sheep ?? ps where r u (merges 36-44)
smuguy2012 - you didn't merge for long, but the one merge with like 6 multis against us that you helped me through by itself is worthy of a shoutout, so tysm (merges 39-44)
jadennator1 - WE FINALLY PLAYED A GAME TOGETHER!!!!! (merges 40-42)
roshy - even though you were SUPER paranoid a lot of the time, you were a really loyal ally and I'm glad you joined that tribe in January. We went through a LOT of survivor shit together, so whatever that's worth I guess. It was great to get to know you and I'm sorry for how things ended. (merges 1-35)
baza76 - My number 1 for most of my streak <3 TY for everything, even your psychoticness at points :) I have no idea how we made it through some of the merges we did. Always remember I was the last member of catholic icons x (merges 1-32 & 35-38)

TRIBE LITTY TITTY (merges 44-46):
bamold1999 - Thank you for looking out for me for a few merges, I kinda figured this would happen eventually. Good luck! (merges 44-46)
ryanr36 - I don't see a reason for you to vote me, but maybe you can enlighten me. I never would've voted you and you knew you were ending a 46 merge streak of your "friends", so it's whatever. I'm not gonna wish you good luck because you lied to my face for no reason, when you could've easily just not voted or voted someone else. (merges 44-46)
smoothstalker12 - TAKE THEM DOWN (jk?) (merges 44-46)
jdog - I would probably be out a long time ago if I didn't have you as my meat shield ;) you took like 5 bullets for me so yeah consider my hunger suicide paid off. We became a lot closer since January SO COME TO MY NEXT PARTY GAY. good luck <3 (merges 5-23 & 28-31 & 33-34 & 37-46... LMAO)

Holy fuck it took forever to find all those merge numbers and I'm pretty sure half aren't even right since I thought I had 47 merges and not 46 rip.

I would also like to thank all the kpellers and multis who really tried their best to ruin our streaks. Especially the owner of cubssuck chickens07 and sage7 who joined 3x against us and managed to take down 2 people lol, gg.

On a final note GL to brandonpinzu who's the next highest streak I think, I hope you join me in the HOF once the current people leave (but don't pass me pls)




he has the money so why not :/
Sent by Instagram,Feb 20, 2016
awe our avis are so cute
Sent by Petro,Feb 20, 2016
his accountant would be furious!
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 20, 2016
instagram I understand if it was for him to win or someone to gift him or something that actually helps him. But he just gave away 50 dollars of his grandparents money so that someone he has online beef with would die in a hunger games. Hey he can do what he wants but it's a little sad to me.
Sent by GiGi10,Feb 20, 2016
Sent by GiGi10,Feb 20, 2016
gigi10 LOL i agree though i dunno why people are acting like dropping $50 on a pointless online game is justifiable
Sent by BengalBoy,Feb 20, 2016
he paid to get 29th? :x i like the kid but thats crazy
Sent by Thumper91,Feb 20, 2016
it's ok he can get one direction back together
Sent by vansreborn,Feb 21, 2016
Careful GiGi10 you dont want to shit talk him, he has the funds and resources at his disposal to ruin your life by messaging all of your Facebook friends.
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 21, 2016
I mean if this game is your life then i guess go for it but to use someone elses money that they work hard for kinda says alot about the quality of that person. I think it comes down to knowing the work that goes into earning money. When people dont raise their spoiled brats to understand that the 50 bucks they just spent on something stupid as fuck involved hours of hard work.
Sent by burkett8975,Feb 21, 2016
a kid in Africa could've ate that 50 dollars
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 21, 2016

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