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Jun 10, 2021 by Geryon
Hey, hi, hello. Are my music lover girls ready for their first critiques? Let me talk a little bit about this season's format: each round there is going to be a top 3 and a bottom 3. The two worst performances represent the bottom 2 of the week and the weakest link is going to be eliminated, on the other hand, the best performance among the top 3 represents the winner of this week's challenge. K? Let's get it started:

Lukesaur ━━ Ayumi Hamasaki ‘’Terminal’’ ━━ OMFG. I do know Ayumi Hamasaki, but the only content of hers that I had listened before was ‘Loveppears’, which I thought it was her electronic nirvana. Yeah, I was wrong... I’m absolutely amazed by the beats&drops of this. I had to take a look at the DJ’s who were involved in this song and here’s what I found: Armin van Buuren. Not going to say anymore words... A great DJ + A great singer = Terminal. Amazing job and let’s party!

spinfur ━━ GO_A ‘’SHUM’’ ━━ Wow. I’m still shocked by what I’ve heard… I must confess that although I’m a huge fan of discovering new artists, I’m not a pro when the subject is Eurovision. I really liked it and I do see myself frantically dancing to it at a rave (not necessarily at a CLUB, but more like at a trance/psy/GOA festival). Anyway, great job and great song.

mathboy9 ━━ Krewella ‘’Alive’’ ━━ Girl, you brought me SO MANY memories posting this song. I used to be addicted to it in 2012 and even cheered when I got the news that Krewella was coming to Brazil to perform at Lollapalooza. It is definitely an EDM era to remember and it clearly fulfills teenage Gerusa’s dream about being a party girl and searching for serotonin whenever possible. Nice!

Brandonator ━━ Liquid360 & Chad Michaels ‘’Tragic Girl’’ ━━ YASSSSSS. You are giving me some gay club realness. This song makes me wanna see Molly with all of my Tengaged Drag Race sisters and then go to the club while I watch some random drag queen whipping her wig across the stage. Would Fancy Feast do something like this? I bet so.

Booyahhayoob ━━ Gunther ‘’Ding Dong Song’’ ━━ Hello Booyah. I need to say that even though this song has a HUGE meme potential, it makes more sense in my middle school disco/eurotrance/eurodance fantasy that I’d like it to make. Definitely a fun song to dance while you’re high. I wish I was a silver daddy to tell my kids that the party I met my husband used to play stuff like that.

tswiftlover13 ━━ Valentino Khan ‘’Deep Down Low’’ ━━ It was the first time I heard this song and as an electronic music lover I must confess that it got me fired up, even though it is also very commercial. That being said, I also must confess that the videoclip got me more excited than the song itself, but it’s definitely a great suggestion for tonight’s runway theme.

konohavillage1 ━━ Oliver Heldens x Becky Hill ‘’Gecko (Overdrive)’’ ━━ Here’s my confession: I’m not a big fan of commercial beats. HOWEVER, this song got me smiling to its friendly beats and great vocals, high as I like to be, I’d definitely dance my ass off to it and find myself sweating at the end of the day (and ignore the fact that it’s not underground enough for my boring edgy ass). ps. I want to be that crazy old lady. LMFAO

Hunty ━━ Элджей ‘’1love’’ ━━ I must confess that not only this song but also this videoclip are delicious. It made my pu$$y tingle a little while it triggered me to smoke a cigarette, have sex and immediately run to the club (not necessarily in that particular order). Even though I had an amazing experience listening to it, I still don't know if I would dance my ass off all night long to this song or just melt into the floor, watching my life pass by while I see fifteen different colours due to my highness, if you know what I mean…

_Matt ━━ Chemical Surf x Dubdisko ‘’Time’’ ━━ Ehh, okay, you chose an electronic song to the Molly theme. You’re probably going to hate me for this, but I have to say: you clearly played safe here. Even though I don’t like commercial beats that much as I previously said to Kenneth on his critiques, this one you presented to me feels very… generic? I know that if you use upbeat drugs, a song like this would probably fit in everyone’s fantasy dreamland, but unfortunately, for me, it lacks personality.

ponga  ━━ Blondie ‘’Heart Of Glass’’ ━━ I have to say that I didn’t expect this song to appear on this weeks runway because people usually associate the use of drugs w/ electronic beats only. BUT, assuming that you went for the kill with a bold choice, Blondie is a very danceable kind of alternative rock. I can see myself having a great time at the dancefloor, performing it and feeling my oats just like Debbie Harry.

boyfriend ━━ Eartheater ‘’Supersoaker’’ ━━ Personally, I love Eartheater. If this episode didn’t have a theme, this song would probably be at my top 3 (and I need to gracefully thank you bc I had never heard this particular one). BUT, besides the experimental vibes which I LOVE, I get Lana Del Rey’s level of happiness from this - not that great for an upbeat party type or an upbeat drug like Molly.

Eoin ━━ Tove Lo ‘’Habits (Stay High) - Hippie Sabotage Remix’’ ━━ Well, first of all, I must say that this song hits me REALLY hard. I swear to god that I already experience the ’’stay high all time to keep you off my mind’’ lifestyle… not that healthy. Despite the fact that I LOVE this song, I must critique you towards this week’s theme: Molly is an upbeat drug… I’d like to take it and then shake my booty, dance and love every stranger that passes by me… and when I listen to this song, even the remix version, all I wanna do is get drunk, cry and confront my severe depression. Maybe not the greatest choice, but I totally get why you chose it!

Midiaw ━━ Falling In Reverse "Popular Monster" ━━ As an eclectic persona when it comes to music taste, I love this song. Judging you through the glass of the theme….. Ew. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me despite the fact that alternative rock songs are usually responsible for causing upbeat emotions… but the Molly fantasy ends there, cause this track got me mad, man. & I don’t want to be mad&angry&rebellious… I just wanna have a good time. Get it?

iSandeh ━━  Diana Hamilton “W'ASEM (Your Word)” ━━ Heya Baddie B. First of all, I need to say that I loved this song and the beauty of it (even though it has a religious content from what I’ve seen). However, I don’t think you read the theme or you seriously suggested that… it doesn’t make any sense with the whole Molly fantasy/assignment and it makes me wonder if you were just trolling. LOL

Based on that... I must announce that Lukesaur, spinfur and mathboy9 represents the top 3 of the week. But as you know, there can be only one winner... SO, Congratulations #Lukesaur! You're the winner of this weeks challenge.

Eoin, Midiaw and iSandeh. You represent the bottoms of the week...based on that, all I can say is that Eoin is safe. Unfortunately, Midiaw and iSandeh represents the bottom 2 of the week...

#iSandeh, I'm sure you are going to find a lovely place to pray and to listen to Diana Hamilton. But this place is not here... now, sashay away... AND LET THE MUSIC PLAY. Forever.



problema é seu
Sent by Hunty,Jun 10, 2021
Thank you 💜
Sent by tswiftlover13,Jun 10, 2021
Oh you want less commercial? I got u
Sent by konohavillage1,Jun 10, 2021
Amg eu f1 mt com essa música socorro
Sent by ponga,Jun 10, 2021
Sent by Midiaw,Jun 10, 2021
whats the point in living
Sent by iSandeh,Jun 10, 2021
AH noted about the Eurovision but glad I was able to give you that rave sensation though!
Sent by spinfur,Jun 10, 2021
oops i was going for more of a coke high i misunderstood the assignment
Sent by boyfriend,Jun 10, 2021

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