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Favorite Musical Artists - 12TH

Jan 18, 2018 by GentlemanG
imageThis ranking is going to be controversial, but keep in mind this is my unique liking/taste.

12TH: Iggy Azalea

When I first got into her music I fell in love with her and even named my first ever shop on here about one of her songs. She was my favorite artist of all time a good 2-3 years ago like I literally loved all her music and was just so impressed/interested in her. I legit did not dislike a single one of her sings, but these past few years she's been a mess. Since Team she hasn't released anything good and her last album was supposed to come out in 2016, but it flopped majorly and half the songs got leaked and her label just sucks. I hope she pulls a Kesha and starts brand new and comes out with an incredible album. She's so underrated now.

Genre: Hip Hop
Favorite Song: Work (Just Askin' is really good too)
Favorite Album: The New Classic

CLUE FOR 11TH: Has made a huge comeback in her music career. Very proud/happy of her. Successful and great album as well.

13th: Lorde
14th: Lil Uzi Vert
15th: Taylor Swift
16th: Selena Gomez
17th: Twenty One Pilots
18th: Nicki Minaj
19th: Tove Lo
20th: Banks
21st: Fetty Wap
22nd: Post Malone
23rd: Foxes
24th: Hailee Steinfeld
25th: Britney Spears


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Of fuck no smh
Sent by Brayden_,Jan 18, 2018
work is her only good song at least u can recognize that
Sent by Padfoot,Jan 18, 2018
also iggy being above lorde and
Sent by Padfoot,Jan 18, 2018
11th is Kesha
Sent by Jameslu,Jan 18, 2018
Sent by Roshy,Jan 18, 2018
kesha mother is 11th
Sent by QueenFrossy,Jan 18, 2018
good but i wouldn't have put her over taylor lorde tove etc
Sent by BluJay112,Jan 18, 2018
Sent by Spacebryce,Jan 18, 2018
I like her song Work a lot. But I dropped ha when she came for Beyonce for saying "Becky with the good hair" in her song and had the nerve to call it racist when there's tons of tea of her being racist on her twitter. She reeks of wh*te privilege. Also her accent is forced. She's not natural. Black folks don't dislike her for being a white rapper it's just cause it's all fake.

Now if Fergie for example was a rapper, we'd stan ha.
Sent by Timster,Jan 18, 2018
but I did side w/ her a lot of the time Nicki came for her cause Nicki was being petty.
Sent by Timster,Jan 18, 2018

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