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"BB isn't rigged for Paul"

14thJul 8, 2017 by GentlemanG
- Takes a houseguest spot in the game
- Gives 8 people safety (essentially makes 8 allies)
- Gets 3 weeks of safety
- One of his #1 allies gets the "option" to stay in the game after breaking their foot and gets to leave the house every other day.
- Candy Crush HoH which he participated in the Candy Crush game for CBS beforehand, gets an HOH everyone can throw to him, gets an HOH he hosted in BBOTT and won in Big Brother 18
- Christmas (again one of his closest ally) gets a power to pick who gets cursed and pick to swap with someone the week he needs someone NOT to get selected for POV.

It's just really funny how everything turned out..and rare that Paul didn't just straight up nominate Jessica/Cody almost like he knew his ally would be able to get them not to compete in the Power of Veto competition. Probably just a huge coincidence!


its totally rigged and thats why i quit WATCHING
Sent by Flirt,Jul 8, 2017
He is going to get Neda'd out watch
Sent by Marwane,Jul 8, 2017
Sent by hwest14,Jul 8, 2017
is the candy crush hoh the same as the candy crush show?
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Jul 8, 2017
@GentlemenG ur my favorite blogger and ur so right about everything and I fucking hate paul
Sent by BBSuperFanForL4fe,Aug 10, 2017

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